Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This is why I dont like PEOPLE (except a few) and prefer animals!!!

Yesterday's post was about my darling monster cat Thomas Heathcliffe, well I was already feeling bad about leaving him alone for the holidays. I must of had a sixth sense. The girl that (offered herself I might add I never asked her) was meant to look after him was meant to be at my place at 5pm to fetch keys remotes and get instructions. She NEVER turned up she didn't even send a message. Well that was enough for me there is no way in hell I'm going to trust her now and leave Mister Thomas in her care. This morning I went to the caretaker, she has looked after him before and he visits her place during the day, she plays with him and he likes her. LUCKY day they aren't going away so she said she will look after him with pleasure and for the whole two weeks. Well there you have it life has a way of turning out for the best he will be much happier and she lives in the building and he knows her well and he can visit her if he is lonely!!. I feel way better now about leaving him and I can go and enjoy!

BUT just because it turned out better than expected doesn't mean I can excuse the behaviour of this other person and I am still pissed that people are so unreliable and I sent HER an sms just now to tell her thank you very much but I have made other arrangements. UGH people!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thomas Heathcliffe

I am so sleepy from the meds and it is a true KZN day today hot as hell! My boss has also "stolen" my undercover parking the prat so my car going to be like an oven later on woe is me!! I shouldn't even be here with these tonsils but I failed to get a doc letter and I also have a lot of things to do before I go on leave. But concentrating is already a problem so early in the day so I doubt I will make it all day, yeah it is an excuse to leave early I've had enough for one year!

J is coming over at five to get the spare keys and remote so she can look after Thomas Heathcliffe while I am away. I feel sooooooo bad leaving him and taking the girls always but what can I do? I had to put him in kennels last year as I didn't know anyone to look out for him but this time he will be at home and J will come over every day so it should be better for him. He didn't fancy the kennels,but he was healthy as an ox when we went to collect him. He is a silent cat doesn't talk much but he didn't shut up that day. This plays so on my mind that I often cut my holidays short by a few days to come home to him. He is always so glad to see me than ignores me for two days my punishment for leaving him. People say cats are not like dogs needing affection attention etc. Well they so ARE they are just way more subtle about it and they want it on their terms. I have a "monster' cat but he is so so sweet. When I lived in the same building as Angel he used to go visiting with me and would visit Angel and sleep under her bed if I was away, before she got her boys that is. He is so large that when I make coffee and he decides he wants milk (about once a month) he stands up and touches my arm while I'm pouring the milk into my coffee. He never has milk on a regular basis as I'm sure you aware they don't need it but when he wants some then he asks. He is also way bigger than the girls and he is a great conversation piece. Loads of people are terrified of him and I (being a nasty cow) enjoy that immensely. He loves T and they play a lot, he isn't too keen on the girls because they used to chase him when we first got Shadow, but now he has decided to "take over" and she is scared of him. He smacks her often and for no reason to keep her on her toes. If she is in the kitchen he lies in the doorway and she can't come out. But they do all sleep together on my bed and sit together in the doorway looking out or on the same couch especially in winter and when T isn't around and they have to share their mom. Can't wait for my holiday but boy I'm going to miss my cat!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Stuff

It is amazing how my home is sparkling now after the spring cleaning. No more hand & finger prints on the doors and walls, he he but the ones on the ceiling are still there have to tackle them tomorrow........T at his best. But I know he wont be back long and it will all be the same again UGH!!!

T is having a great time his "other" granny and his aunt took him out on Saturday for lunch and bought him a remote controlled Ford Mustang, airtime and gave him pocket money.

Yesterday I wrapped up some more presents and i found the most amazing paper with loads of shiny balls on, I had two large presents to wrap and it really suits the boxes. I also found some hand made "straw" angels that I am using instead of bows to decorate the presents with.
I am off to the doctor in ten minutes I have ear ache a soar throat and a sore back wonder bloody full!!! Anyway least I get to go home early and tomorrow is a public holiday so only THREE more days at work for me!! I can't tell you how happy I am!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday is dragging

It's one of those horrible days busy but dragging, it is so hot and humid here today everyone is slow and tired and not in the mood, I have decided that now I must do some extra hard cleaning since T is away and I will have time. Boy I got up all motivated this morning and put the bathroom curtains in the bath to soak and went and bought tile cleaner. All for after work today, o my can't say as I am going to do anything except "vrot" in front of the TV and watch pre- recorded Dr Phil and Oprah and have a few whiskeys........LOL! Never mind weekend is coming up and then it will be easier with no work to interrupt my cleaning schedule :-p. Just thought if I did something small each day after work then I wont have so much to do over the weekend and holidays. I got new kitchen curtains from my uncle yesterday that have to be shortened, and hung up. I washed them already so that part is done. I also made new throws for my couches this weekend, wow I sound like I am really clever right now. Truth is I HATE sewing and the curtains are checks so I can sew along the straight line easy peasy. The material for the throws was cut to size by the kind shopkeeper and I just had to sew four hems along the raw sides. So no rocket science involved. Just feel like sprucing up a bit. When you have an 11 year old boy and animals you cannot live in a palace but you can try now and then for some small improvements. New throws are so comfortable feels like being in heaven they are a cotton type material but thicker than sheeting, it doesn't crease and it is cool and soft, I fell asleep on my couch on Saturday night was divine!! The animals are also loving them and T said he is going to miss his. So good choice and paid less for the material than I would have for ONE throw big enough for my couches. Was a big deal because I wanted to replace them last December already and didn't.

My drive yesterday to Estcourt and back was actually a lot of fun as I decided to enjoy it even if it was a bit too hot on the way back and I was alone. Everything between NN and NKR is so green and it isn't a freeway so you can only go 100, though most people don't and you get to enjoy the mountains and the farms and all the BABY animals! A lot of calves and foals and I even saw goat kids. Lots of birds including the Eastern Red Footed Kestrel that we last saw last summer at the dam. T even spotted a large snake but we didn't identify it bit far away. Then of course my treat is to get on the Freeway and cruise. We have no freeways here obviously and who would have thought you could miss it now and then? My car gets to have a good run and I get to go faster than 100 he he he. So all in all a good weekend T made my sis in law a fairy wind chime on Saturday in his last art class for 2008. The family had gifts for us too which I can't wait to open as they make such nice presents. My Xmas shopping nearly done which is a miracle but put it down to small town living and the slower pace of life. Bro hasn't got a gift yet but I know what he wants so I just have to pick it up. Then A my friend I was at school with, she and significant other are picking me up for supper out this week at a new restaurant that has opened here kewl huh? O and Mac Donald's opened here on Friday! Whoo hoo!!
Then I went to sleep for nine hours last night and as anyone who knows me will tell you I don't sleep well ever so it was amazing and I enjoyed it so much though I had planned to read........

Sunday, December 7, 2008

KZN "zero tolerance" ......what does it mean?

Boy was I mad yesterday: my elderly uncle is not well and his legs are swollen hence he cannot walk and has to be helped, a fact that is annoying him terribley as he is very independant. It isn't a permanent situation but right now he cannot manage. My brother brought him along with the whole family to meet me to fetch T yesterday. We all had breakfast where we met up. When it was time to leave my Mom and bro where helping Oom to the car, but he couldn't manage. So bro asked me to come and hold his arm so he could move the van closer and reverse sideways so he could get in.

Along came the very people that are meant to "protect and serve", they wanted to park where bro was going to reverse too. Myself and bro asked them to hang on a bit so we could reverse van and pick up oom. WELL THE KZN TRAFFIC OFFICERS FROM THE ESTCOURT DISTRICT INDEED DO PRACTICE ZERO TOLERANCE. THE PERFORMANCE AND FACE PULLING AND IRRITATION was too much for me and bro. I took down the number plate and am planning to report these three "fine folk" to the traffic authorities. KZN 11753, I would like to say that you three are a fine example of total d*ck heads and when you are old and in need of assistance that is when it will come back to bight you!!! Or secretly that is what I am hoping for!!!

FFS there was plenty of parking IN THE SHADE on the otherside of where bro wanted to reverse too, TWO parking bays away but you found this a problem. I am also secretly glad bro SWORE at you hehehehehe, actually not secretly at all you got what you deserved, now to find the number to phone and report you!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Whoo Hoo it's FRIDAY!! And I am counting down, nine days to go until I go on leave. It has been a really rough 2007/2008 for us and I am so glad it's time to chill, for three weeks nogal.

T had to go to school today for the first time in two weeks and only to fetch his report..........he passed he is off to Grade 6. I can't believe there are only two years of junior school left for us. T isn't a killer academic he is intelligent & he has an awesome general knowledge and knows a lot about subjects that interest him, but boy he doesn't "over do" the studying. He is comfortable and he passes but all the teachers every year say he could do better. Truth be told I hated school and I too didn't kill myself to study or anything so who am I to argue long as he passes and does his assignments etc.

Tomorrow is the last art lesson for the year, week before last T made an owl shelf for my mother who collect owls. It is similar to the dragon shelf he made himself, I have yet to take a photo. She is going to love it and he is very excited about giving it to her, we found a nice big box for it to fit into but we still have to wrap it. Last Saturday he made MY gift and then he and Talitha wrapped it in white felt and put green and purple ribbons around it, so I can't see what it is. This weekend he is making a fairy wind chime for my sister in law. This is an amazing family T's art teacher and her parents. They are very kind to us and always have coffee and goodies for us while we there (I was adopted by her parents and they entertain me while T has his lesson and I rarely go home and fetch him again). So we had some fun last week and bought them each a gift for Xmas. For Talitha we got lots of sweets and chocolates etc, she has a sweet tooth and she is gonna love that. For her mom some bath roses and for her Dad a box of chocolates. Ooops how do we address the parcels T? They call each other Momma and Pappa and Thalita calls them Mom and Dad and so what ARE their names?? Ok now we have to make a plan because we can't ask them and feel dum or give away our surprise. So Talitha is fine we put her name on, then I came up with a plan that gave T the giggles. They have 7 female dogs and Momma and Talitha so Pappa always says he is the ONLY man amongst the BITCHES, so I addressed his parcel to "The only man amongst the bitches"..............................and Momma's one just says lots of love L and T. Problem solved T thinks it's too funny and he can't wait to take them tomorrow when we go.

T is leaving on Sunday for his loooooooong holiday, my brother has borrowed his bosses caravelle so the whole family is going to meet me half way to fetch T. Our half way mark is near Estcourt and then they go back to Hillcrest and I come back to NN, for two weeks of being a single woman whoo hoo!!

Abigail has a problem with her leg, she is not putting it down when she walks, she was an abused dog and the vet's in gauteng said she had been kicked, she has always "skipped" on this back leg but always used it. She is fine, she plays with Shadow and eats etc but it isn't right. Took her to the vet on Tuesday and she is on anti inflammatory tabs for a week. If there is no change it is hospital for xrays etc. So far there is no change. My dilemma is this if she does have to go in then T is already away and Shadow can't stay alone at home she will go crazy without her sister. O my will have to stay off myself or bring madam to work, that will be fun. My energetic dachshund running around the building. Lucky I have my own large office near the stores so I can keep her in here with me. I sure hope poor Abby gets better without going to hospital she isn't going to like that at all. That and I am afraid the bill wont be a little one!!!

My parents are having the hardest time after loosing Mac and I know when we go home it will hit us harder too because he wont be there! I have tried not to think about it too much as it is still so raw and sad!! This year we wont have to sit and remove ALL the bangers out of the Xmas crackers.........we used to have Xmas NON crackers because Mac hated the bangs :-). Just another sad thought!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

RIP my "best" friend

On the 04 December 1994 a tiny brindle staffie came into this world. Mac Fubar…………He slept in my bed for six years until I moved to Pretoria. He was “officially” my brother’s dog but he was a part of the family. When I was pregnant he slept next to my bump and when I went into labour he paced up and down the driveway with me stopping each time I did and staring up at me. This dog never left my side. When I brought baby T home my brother and my mother where there to take the baby and to make sure Mac wasn’t upset or offended or anything. He JUMPED off the floor straight into my arms he was that excited to see me and he loved T from that day onwards. He never left T’s side and he “BABYSAT” for me all the time,. They dug holes together, hunted in the garden lay on the floor watching TV and were best friends.

When my brother and I left he stayed with my parents and once he was the only dog left he moved into their queen sized bed and even deeper into their hearts. He was their baby he went everywhere with them and when they went out or away he had a “doggie sitter”.

He loved it when ALL HIS FAMILY was home for holidays and even opened his big heart to accept my two doggies and my cat!!! My brother’s three year old daughter was also taken in licked looked after and she loved him too!!..

He was adored this dog and this weekend he had to be put to sleep, he was on heart pills for the last six months and just short of his fourteenth birthday our amazing Mac past on. The entire family is in mourning and it is very hard for all of us to say goodbye.

I have tears in my eyes while I’m writing this and I haven slept since I heard the news!!

Rest in Peace my “best” friend I will NEVER forget you!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I HATE you!! Shjoe that is harsh that is the sms T sent me yesterday afternoon because I DARED to stay after work and have a beer with my colleagues (something I don’t do as a rule). It is my busiest time right now: with stock take this week and work is rough. I let him know I would be a little late, not even after dark late five thirty late. He was extremely rude to me on the phone and he slammed the phone down on me. Right I carried on drinking my beer, only to receive said SMS…………..I held my pose in front of my colleagues and finished my drink and left all smiles. But deep down it was hurting, earlier in the day I left work and picked up a pie, choc and a dvd for this child who was now giving me all my days. I decided that to yell and scream would serve no purpose (it’s a thing I am doing less and less of I’m pleased to say). I went home, made supper and sat quietly watching TV. He tried HARD to make up for it but never actually apologizing, you know the drill with kids he showed me his sketches he took the plates to the kitchen etc. But I remember doing the same thing as a child and never actually apologizing hoping my actions would prove it and it did work to an extent BUT it made it hard for me to ever say sorry when I was wrong because I had another way of doing it, I don’t want T to have that problem he must learn to apologize and mean it when he is wrong and to actually think about what he did that was wrong. Eventually he wrote me a letter to say sorry and said he had been selfish and rude and had wanted me all to himself and he didn’t mean what he had said and he loves me. We spoke about it and I was pleased that he came to the conclusions all by himself and knew exactly what he did wrong etc. I think a valuable lesson was learnt by both of us, he is getting big now and he must realize that his actions have consequences and I too must remember to be gentle and kind when teaching him these lessons. When I left for work in the morning he send me a second sms “I LOVE YOU” ………………….Boy am I glad I didn’t scream and shout and make a scene as this way was far better!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The ROUND chair

The ‘round’ chair used to belong to my Grandmother, and then my uncle inherited it from her.

My uncle had two basset hounds and one of them and T used to compete for the ‘round’ chair & when he was very little they would curl up together on the ‘round’ chair and watch TV.

My uncle then gave the ‘round’ chair to T some years ago and it has been in our home ever since. My neighbor in Centurion used to love our ‘round’ chair and always sat in it when visiting.

My cat Thomas Heathcliffe loves the ‘round’ chair and he sometimes sleeps all night on it instead of in his basket or on our beds. He thinks the chair belongs to him.

My two sweet girls also think the ‘round’ chair is their private chair and they are often found curled up on it or sitting on it looking out of the front door as it is in the perfect position for doing so.

When my parents visit my father sits in the ‘round’ chair as he finds it comfortable to get in and out of.

All in all it is a rather grubby ‘round’ chair but it has so many memories and stories attached to it and as you can see from the pictures everyone is most comfortable in THEIR ‘round’ chair.

And the rightful owner Mister T, well he isn’t allowed to leave his school bag or anything on his ‘round’ chair INCASE somebody else wants a turn but he does get to sit in his chair at times as he has been doing for nearly ten years since he was a toddler!!

I have scrubbed it clean many times and oiled the wooden legs etc. But with all the traffic (the dogs jump onto the ‘round’ chair and then over the back of the couch, and use it as a step when going back the other way) and much use it doesn’t stay clean and fancy but of all the furniture in my home I think it is the most loved and valuable! Wouldn’t be home without THE ROUND CHAIR!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mister T made a sword

It is crafted out of wood, the etchings on the blade are plaster of Paris (mixed with warm water and a little wood glue for quick drying). He made the handle separately and sprayed the blade first with solid silver and then light touches of gold. The tassels were also made from scratch very clever indeed Mister T!!!

He wrote his last exam yesterday so he has been relaxing at home ALL day today and I am so jealous!!

Glad it's Friday it has been a rough week and a very busy one at work. Next week is stock take and being the Logistics Controller I have my work cut out for me next week! It is a small branch so most of the responsibility and SAP work falls on my shoulders and it is hectic!

It's only four more weeks and I'm on LEAVE yay!! Can't wait this has been a rough year altogether and I be needing a break now!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vision boards & future plans

I have a two-year plan:

T has two more years in junior school and I want to be in another place by then. So I have decided to put the job hunting on hold stay put and …………..wait for it………..S T U D Y…………….that will stimulate me, that will keep me focused on the positive and I will improve, change and grow and after all I should only be worried about myself and my child not try and change the rest.

Apart from wanting to study I am working on a vision board, I don’t know if I will ever share it with the world but it is a great tool to stay focused on what you really want from life, your goals for the future and to attract these things into your life. This quote is from the vision board site where you can create a virtual vision board:

Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done, and every sunset will see you that much nearer the goal.

Awesome powerful stuff innit???

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family Time

Last night we went to supper at one of my BF houses. She and I were at boarding school together a hundred years ago in this SMALL town and she has lived here most of her life. Her son is over for a visit from London, he went in February of this year and she misses him like crazy. We had a real "family" time with her mother and daughter and her boyfriend also there, A's mom is hilarious and had us in stitches all night long hope when I eventually get to 70 I am also so funny. She goes for shock value so she says outrageous things and we laughed until we couldn't anymore. T being 11 and at the stage of liking ALL things dodgy thought it was too good to be true to hear all this!!

It's official I am going to start job hunting, a daunting prospect as I have worked for the same company (though at different branches) for a long long time. I have learnt a lot and I have moved between departments which means I have a LOT of experience and have been in Management since I was 24. So now it's time to move on, it is sad really but I am so unhappy at this branch and it is the people not the job. They are very narrow minded here and afraid of change and afraid of somebody "upstaging" them or knowing more etc. Very petty I know but I have been here a year and a half and they are NOT going to change. So the future does not look bright here at all. I was hoping to tough it out until T finishes junior school BUT I don't know of that is possible??? Three of us transferred here from Pretoria and the other two cut and ran back in June already. The situation is eating away at me, killing my personality and self esteem and it is not a healthy one. Mostly I try to remain positive and I don't let it get to me but now and then it eats away like an illness and so now I have to face it head on and go for broke. Heaven help me!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When the POLICE call you about your child!!!

He he it was last week I was at work but in the stores at the time and didn't answer my cell. THEN I got a voice message saying "This is Captain so and so from the police" .....OMG WTF? "your son is locked out of the house, you will find him at the complex" ...................... OK Mother panic overload WHY are the POLICE at my home?? WHY is T locked out? WHY ARE THE POLICE INVOLVED? WHAT DID HE DO???...............I raced home which takes a total of three minutes being as this is a small town and all that.................there I find T and his mate sitting outside the front door playing with the dogs through the security gate. Dogs locked in kids locked out.......They had gone outside to play basket ball and locked the padlock on the gate without taking the keys. He then went to the payphone and called the police as he had no money and his phone was inside. It was a very intelligent thing to do and I am proud of him for thinking of it.
BUT - I got a helluve fright at the time. I am grateful to the police for calling me and for a child that can look after himself................whats next????
The local newspaper thought it was a great "good news" story and came to interview T and put his story in today along with a colour picture. HEY it helps that the senior reporter is one of my friends and this is the second time he has made the papers!! It p*sses some of the locals off that this happens but HEY I have friends in HIGH places what can I say???

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It's been ages since I wrote anything. My son is very creative and I found him the most amazing art teacher to develop this talent. She is studying art and doing a degree and she too is very talented. The have such a good time together that his lessons sometimes go on for two to two and half hours WAY longer than the normal hour. I have started staying there and visiting with her parents while T does his work, what lovely people. They made us waffles with strawberries and cream last Saturday for lunch...........we are getting SPOILT like crazy!!

The dragon shelf above was his second project in art class. He cut up a inner tube from a car tyre to make the scales and nailed them on and dry brushed them with bronze. He collects dragons and he has put four of his metal age dragons on this shelf.
The capsized ship and sea monster was his FIRST oil painting on canvas and he has since made a frame for this painting in one of his classes which has made it even more amazing, it isn't easy to paint in oils and he had to prepare the canvas himself.
I am so proud of this child and his talent and his hard work, he works very very hard at his art (not like school) and he does something creative each and every day it is his passion and I am happy that I have found the right teacher to develop this!!
I will be posting more of his art soon.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Teaspoons & Smiles

Obviously there are people I miss like crazy having moved away to another town. I Have Two special teaspoons, one was in a cup of coffee my previos neighbour brought me one morning when the electricity was off and she had made coffee on her gas ring. I liked it so much (just the right size for measuring nescafe) that she said I could keep it. The other was one my sister in law left at my place after a visit (she had brought it to feed their little daughter yogurt in the car).

Why are the special? Because every time I make tea or coffee and I use either of them I think of V & W and it makes me smile and feel closer to them. If I could have a wish granted today I would like ALL the special people in my life to give me one of their teaspoons so I could have tea or coffee with a different special friend every single day!!

So come on very body send me a teaspoon!! :-)