Friday, November 21, 2008

Mister T made a sword

It is crafted out of wood, the etchings on the blade are plaster of Paris (mixed with warm water and a little wood glue for quick drying). He made the handle separately and sprayed the blade first with solid silver and then light touches of gold. The tassels were also made from scratch very clever indeed Mister T!!!

He wrote his last exam yesterday so he has been relaxing at home ALL day today and I am so jealous!!

Glad it's Friday it has been a rough week and a very busy one at work. Next week is stock take and being the Logistics Controller I have my work cut out for me next week! It is a small branch so most of the responsibility and SAP work falls on my shoulders and it is hectic!

It's only four more weeks and I'm on LEAVE yay!! Can't wait this has been a rough year altogether and I be needing a break now!!


angel said...

its gawjiss! i am also SO looking forward to my holiday...

lulu said...

Yeah it's aout blooming time we went on holiday!!!