Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I HATE you!! Shjoe that is harsh that is the sms T sent me yesterday afternoon because I DARED to stay after work and have a beer with my colleagues (something I don’t do as a rule). It is my busiest time right now: with stock take this week and work is rough. I let him know I would be a little late, not even after dark late five thirty late. He was extremely rude to me on the phone and he slammed the phone down on me. Right I carried on drinking my beer, only to receive said SMS…………..I held my pose in front of my colleagues and finished my drink and left all smiles. But deep down it was hurting, earlier in the day I left work and picked up a pie, choc and a dvd for this child who was now giving me all my days. I decided that to yell and scream would serve no purpose (it’s a thing I am doing less and less of I’m pleased to say). I went home, made supper and sat quietly watching TV. He tried HARD to make up for it but never actually apologizing, you know the drill with kids he showed me his sketches he took the plates to the kitchen etc. But I remember doing the same thing as a child and never actually apologizing hoping my actions would prove it and it did work to an extent BUT it made it hard for me to ever say sorry when I was wrong because I had another way of doing it, I don’t want T to have that problem he must learn to apologize and mean it when he is wrong and to actually think about what he did that was wrong. Eventually he wrote me a letter to say sorry and said he had been selfish and rude and had wanted me all to himself and he didn’t mean what he had said and he loves me. We spoke about it and I was pleased that he came to the conclusions all by himself and knew exactly what he did wrong etc. I think a valuable lesson was learnt by both of us, he is getting big now and he must realize that his actions have consequences and I too must remember to be gentle and kind when teaching him these lessons. When I left for work in the morning he send me a second sms “I LOVE YOU” ………………….Boy am I glad I didn’t scream and shout and make a scene as this way was far better!!

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angel said...

sjoe- thats quite a thing for him to learn, i am so glad he could think his way through it!
damien does the same when he knows he's done something wrong...