Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A dog sh*t start to the day...............LOL

At 2am we were woken up by T's cell service provider sending text messages about how to get free airtime. WTF? Like you need to know this at 2am? Anyway back to sleep but I didn't fall asleep straight away, active mind thinking about work, school holidays & a friends visit at the end of July. I haven't seen her since I left Centurion so I am very glad she is coming and spending two weeks with us. YAY!

Needless to say when it was time to get up I couldn't manage it, it is freezing here been a dreadful wind for three days already and I lay in bed for 45 minutes before I could force myself up and out. As you all know that is asking for trouble and then the rush began. Coffee, shower make lunches let dogs out fill their water scoop poop etc all in way less time than usual. T was his usual self playing and singing to the dogs and taking his own sweet time to get dressed etc. I was on track and busy getting dressed when he comes down the passage holding his school shoe and heaving............Whats wrong now?

"There is dog sh*t on my shoe".............more heaving.............."How the hell did you manage that?"....................."I don't know but there is dog sh*t on my shoe"..........He marches into the toilet and starts spraying air freshener onto said dog sh*t..............heaving all the time.

"That's not going to work give me the dam shoe" there I am outside in the freezing cold with pine gel spray (which has dettol antiseptic in) a scrubbing brush, a small stick (to get those nasty bits in between the patterns on the soles out) scrubbing dog sh*t off his school shoe & we are late already.........YUCK!

T isn't neat or tidy, he dumps his things all over the place and doesn't worry about them until he needs them again. I think he must have stepped in said dog sh*t yesterday when we got home, it was hard and dry and took ages to get off. Despite me telling him every single day to change when he gets home. I scoop poop in the mornings usually as we have a fairly large garden and it takes a while.

He he but it is funny and we got to school on time, thank goodness he is writing his last exam today and then going on holiday. My hands are still frozen though despite coffee at work and the air con.................the joys of kids and animals what would we do without them?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One of "those" days.................

Dam! It is my month end right now, yesterday and today. I am in charge of the meter reading billing for this branch, I don't physically take the meters but I do the exceptions, credits manual billing etc. It is an involved process and especially this month being financial year end. Yesterday was a rough day to say the least and today has been the same, with a few added twists. I arrived THREE minutes late to pick T up from school at lunch time. I stopped at the supermarket to get bread, milk, dog biscuits and a few odds before I fetched him. With things being so rough at work I don't like to leave it until after work and I am bushed by that time anyway. Mr T is safe as houses waiting a few minutes the scholar patrol man doesn't leave until they all gone, there were still children there, he jumps into the car and says "WHY ARE YOU SO LATE"............not hello how you bugger you nought just starts performing. O well almost teenagers hey? So I stop at a stop street kid still mouthing off at me, pull off again and I hear a thud and a terrible squeaking starts. Dammit! I arrive home and climb half under my car in the driveway to see WTF?............Then the dogs decide they have waited for me for long enough to come into the garden and they start a fight. Not Brutus he stood aside all sheepish and innocent shame, the two little girls gave each other a good go. Dachshund versus Jack Russell, the dachshund had the upper hand by the way. So I run away from the car and attend to the dogs, jeez what next? I dump the shopping rush back out and leave to come back to work. I drove around the back of the house around the gym's parking lot and the horrible noise stopped. Must have been a branch or twig or summit thank goodness. The wind is blowing like crazy here today, the dust, leaves, twigs etc are terrible.

So I rush back here to carry on with my month end and the web side of our meter programme is queueing and not pulling through to SAP (our operating system) and so it goes, it is still queueing and it means that I have to be here real early tomorrow morning to fix the last exceptions. Whoo Hoo...............

O well never a dull moment as they say..............

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shhhhhhhh it's a secret

Had a very interesting meeting yesterday with my boss. It seems I am going to be promoted (a kind of big one) and I'm very excited etc. But I know too it is going to cause it here with these people I work with. As those of you who know me well know I work in a small town now with small town people. There isn't a helluva lot of ambition and some of them have been here for years and are in a comfort zone that borders on pure laziness. I was in management before I came here and though I am doing virtually the same job I don't have the title. He is going to put a cat amoung the pigeons and make me his this space I can see the feathers flying soon.....................seriously pray for me hold thumbs toes and whatever thanks guys!!

Dogs can wink too

We had a visit from a friend over the weekend she came to meet Mr Brutus for the first time. Armed with treats she made an instant hit with this boy. That must be the reason why he winked at her when she took this photo?

This is one spoilt family member already!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is it a curse? Is it a hex?

Yesterday I get home after fetching T from school and we have no power. I am not particularly worried as it does go off now and then obviously, when I got home after work we still had no power, so I go into the gym and ask the admin lady WTF? The neighbours all have electricity it’s only us? She tells me the municipality said it will be back on by 5.30 and she doesn’t know why it is off. What a lie that turned out to be after going all night with no power, having no supper, having a cold bath this morning and no coffee, and dragging all my meat to work with me so it wouldn’t defrost I called the municipality myself. Turns out the bill wasn’t paid, now I’m mad as a snake and call Madam Landlady. She apologized many times and said they only paid yesterday and it should be on soon. (She lives in the next town 100km away). Now IF the admin lady didn’t lie to me I would have prepared for a dark night and made arrangements for supper etc. But she did lie and I HATE that. There are tenants in the flat too and they also had to suffer through a dark cold night with no power. Mrs Admin leaves at 5 to her cosy house, supper and hot water etc and leaves us none the wiser jeez!! If she told me she made this mistake I wouldn’t have reported it to her boss, if she told the truth I would have made a plan about supper. After waiting for a while it was too dark to go out and get anything, given the trouble we have had there I wasn’t going to unlock the gate motor drive car out lock it again and repeat this when coming home to a pitch dark property.

Some people!

I was just reading Angel’s blog and I can sympathize with you my friend, I also want my little T-Bone back. This almost teenage version is very rude and moody. He screams at me and throws almost tantrums, which by the way he never did as a little boy. I too don’t like him very much right now and there are some days when I don’t even want to go home after work. I am tired of the attitude and the lip and the disrespect. One minute he is an angel loving and sweet next minute a devil, I don’t know if I am cut out for this either…………good luck to us all!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Spoilt watchdog.............

Hello this is me Brutus. I was an outside dog until I moved in with my new family. Now I sleep inside on the couch so I can protect this new family that I love so much. I am very sweet and I get on well with the little girls Abigail & Shadow (but am a bit naughty with Thomas the cat).

My mom was talking to our neighbour over the wall yesterday and I didn't like the look of him so I stood up with my front paws on the top of the wall and let him know I am "on guard". I have a loud booming bark and he got a shock. My mom was proud of me and she is no longer scared in our home.

I love T, we spend hours playing together and I have made sure he is no longer a couch potato. We are a bit rough and loud but we are boys after all.

My Mom's father calls me "BIB"...................bum in butter LOL! I think that is exactly where I've landed.............

Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm so tired

It is financial year end, work is rough. Home is also way more busy now with new dog. T and Brutus play and rough house a lot, the little girls join in too and it means more to tidy more to clean and more to do. I am glad that all my 'kids' are happy and having a good time but boy I could do with a break. Luckily the grass isn't growing fast anymore so mowing has calmed down and I basically just need to do cleaning and washing, I enjoy cleaning my house, mowing my lawn etc. It normally doesn't bother me much but I really feel like a weekend off right now. I want to lie and read and watch TV and do nothing, or that is what it feels like but I can never just do nothing. I am always up to something and don't really relax very well. The best I can do is go to bed a bit early and read for hours.

I am just so tired right now, it has been a really busy week and it has flown past. I haven't done half the things I wanted to do at home and that is working on my mind.

I have some great photo's to put on my blog but they stole my USB cable (was in the dam handbag) so I cant download them yet and that is driving me crazy!

I went for a haircut last Saturday and had a long chat with the two girls there. We have all read "The Secret" and we are all having a hardish time right now. One of them said it is because we are focusing on the bad and negative and not the good and positive. It makes sense to me so I have been trying to figure out how to be grateful that they stole my handbag and that we were scared after they smashed the window.

I am grateful that it was material things & that we weren't harmed in anyway. I am grateful that when my little dogs went after them they didn't get harmed. I am grateful that it brought us Brutus who is a lovely dog and keeps T busy and happy for hours each day. Kid and dog spend hours playing, rough housing and outside. It is indeed a blessing because I no longer have a bored couch potato on my hands. It is a blessing because big dog loves the little dogs and plays with them too.It is a blessing because we are not scared anymore.

But despite all that it turned my life upside down and to date I haven't had much down time at all................the people in the flat got a dog that is in heat and I had to build a barrier over the precast wall between our gardens because THEIR dog kept jumping into our garden and upsetting my dogs. They are in their twenties leave the property most weekends on a Saturday morning and don't come home until Sunday evening, said dog is seven months old terrified of people and howls like crazy all weekend. I just know it is going to end up pregnant because it jumped over so many times and last Saturday morning jumped over ran into my house and peed on my bed ffs!! All this just has just added fuel to an already raging inferno. Since I built the barrier it has been a bit better because now I only have my own family to deal with. But it took T and I hours to erect it and I was so angry because my dogs didn't jump over once, so once again I was doing something that somebody else should have done.

I think it has just been a rough hectic patch and that is why I am so tired, I know I am strong and capable and responsible but can I get to be a bit irresponsible and take a break now please?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time to quit..............AGAIN

I was doing so well on my way to “quitting” when all the chaos happened at home and financial year end stock take etc. So my quit basically flew out the window. I let myself smoke and didn’t worry about it too much until this week. Yesterday I went to the pharmacy and got nicorette gum and joined the nicorette “kick back” programme online. My new “quit date” is tomorrow 03.06.2009. They called me just now to see how I’m doing and if I’m ready for tomorrow. What a nice way to start. Last time I went “cold turkey” and I did it for ten months, but I had mountains of support. My Dad sms’d me everyday and I had a quit buddy at work and loads of friends supporting me. So I know how important the support is especially in the first few weeks.

So tomorrow morning when I wake up I have to chew gum instead of smoke. I have to do it this time, financially smoking is ruining my budget and making me suffer and it is a quick way to save a lot of money at once. The medical aid paid for the gum and the quit programme is free so there is no excuse this time. I am a bit nervous that I won’t stick to it but I know I CAN do it.

I also know that it makes you feel amazing, when you quit. I am talking about inside, you feel strong and confident and almost like if you can quit smoking you can do anything……………..I was so proud of myself last time and so many people were very proud of me. I want to feel that way again. I want my clothes and hair to stop smelling of smoke, I want to use the money more wisely; I want to be healthier. I want to feel strong again!! I want my child to stop worrying about my health and to be proud of me for doing it. I only hope I want it badly enough!!