Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A dog sh*t start to the day...............LOL

At 2am we were woken up by T's cell service provider sending text messages about how to get free airtime. WTF? Like you need to know this at 2am? Anyway back to sleep but I didn't fall asleep straight away, active mind thinking about work, school holidays & a friends visit at the end of July. I haven't seen her since I left Centurion so I am very glad she is coming and spending two weeks with us. YAY!

Needless to say when it was time to get up I couldn't manage it, it is freezing here been a dreadful wind for three days already and I lay in bed for 45 minutes before I could force myself up and out. As you all know that is asking for trouble and then the rush began. Coffee, shower make lunches let dogs out fill their water scoop poop etc all in way less time than usual. T was his usual self playing and singing to the dogs and taking his own sweet time to get dressed etc. I was on track and busy getting dressed when he comes down the passage holding his school shoe and heaving............Whats wrong now?

"There is dog sh*t on my shoe".............more heaving.............."How the hell did you manage that?"....................."I don't know but there is dog sh*t on my shoe"..........He marches into the toilet and starts spraying air freshener onto said dog sh*t..............heaving all the time.

"That's not going to work give me the dam shoe" there I am outside in the freezing cold with pine gel spray (which has dettol antiseptic in) a scrubbing brush, a small stick (to get those nasty bits in between the patterns on the soles out) scrubbing dog sh*t off his school shoe & we are late already.........YUCK!

T isn't neat or tidy, he dumps his things all over the place and doesn't worry about them until he needs them again. I think he must have stepped in said dog sh*t yesterday when we got home, it was hard and dry and took ages to get off. Despite me telling him every single day to change when he gets home. I scoop poop in the mornings usually as we have a fairly large garden and it takes a while.

He he but it is funny and we got to school on time, thank goodness he is writing his last exam today and then going on holiday. My hands are still frozen though despite coffee at work and the air con.................the joys of kids and animals what would we do without them?


Martha Basset said...

We are laughing at your post!!! Thank you for sharing your sh..t start to the day!
Life is actually better in the summer although the sh..t doesnt freeze which is a blessing in the winter!
Have a great day
love Martha & Bailey xxxx

lulu said...

He he I am still laughing too thinking about it! Frozen sh*t is indeed better thanks for making me laugh too!

Spear The Almighty said...

Lol! I would become sick if I had to clean that. Kudus to you! :)

lulu said...

he he thanks. I can do poo and doggy doo but I can't do vomit. If a kid or animal anything pukes then I leave town..........:-)

angel said...

Mwaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaa... he was gagging!??!!

lulu said...

ha ha guess gagging is a better word you are right!