Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Snow in Africa.............

Well I haven't blogged for a very long time, life has been busy. But to wake up this morning to SNOW, in Africa SNOW and watch my son and the dogs run and play in it was awesome!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Crochet little girl's bag........

This is one of my favorites it is a small bag for a little girl, I made it for a good friend's daughter for her birthday. I was very pleased with the colour combination and this bag resulted in two orders for larger versions.

Crochet peg bag

I work collegue ordered a crochet peg bag she brought her 30 year old one for me to copy as she wanted the same design. It took me a while to work out the pattern I was pleased with the result and she was very pleased with her order. I am dying to make myself a new peg bag but haven't had the time yet.

Finally using my talents...........

I know I have been away for a long time, I wasn't looking forward to 2011 and wasn't in the right frame of mind to blog. I have started selling some of my crocheted bags and have been kept busy doing that. It started with plastic shopping bag dispenser bags, I made myself one and then everyone I showed it to wanted one, I have decorated them either with flowers or butterfly's but my favorite is the cupcake one I made especially for Angel see image above.

They can stretch a LOT and you can fit many plastic bags in them, I am enjoying mine and it keeps them neat!

Friday, January 21, 2011

High School.........

Last week was initiation week, the first day of school they made them wear their uniforms inside out and sing into the dustbins. Second day they had to dress up as "babies" as they are the brand new baby Falcons (The sports teams are called Falcons) and their mascot is a Falcon. The Friday they had to cross dress, I was not allowed to take a photo of mister in his short black skirt and pink ladies top:-(. Friday afternoon they had "boeresports" which consisted of food fights and the baby falcons being smeared with yoghurt and flour and whatever else the prefects had collected. They really enjoyed that as they could "fight" back with the Grade 12's. Friday night they slept at school, only they didn't sleep if they closed their eyes they got shaving cream and toothpaste on their faces. It was all done in good spirits and fun and was controlled. They enjoyed it. Saturday 6am initiation was officially over. From this Monday it was uniforms and school as usual.

T is surprising me, he really likes his new school he is working hard at his homework and making sure he finishes it all and has all he needs for the next day at school. He says school is much better now everyone is way more mature and there is no pettiness or nasty remarks etc. I think they are at that age now where they had outgrown primary school. What a blessing, it is early days yet but a positive start is always a good thing. FYI he looks so smart in his uniform!

I am a little out of sink going in the opposite direction than I used to in the mornings and now finding I have to change shopping centres because the one close the school is on the way. I like to do my groceries etc before work as the supermarkets open at 7am, I don't like the supermarket in this shopping centre the staff are not friendly and they don't know me etc. I have taken to going to "MY" shopping centre after work, this isnt ideal. I am a person who HATES shopping and especially when it is busy. Strange things humans?

I am almost finished my curent blanket which is a gift for the girl that looked after my house and dogs in December. Here is a picture which was taken a while ago has grown since then ok there isn't an image blogger not working properly.

We have had 194ml of rain in January so far, that is a lot of rain, my garden looks amazing, but I feel a bit guilty loving the rian like I do as so many people have suffered and lost thier homes etc.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and restful weekend!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A new post at last.........

I am battling to get “started” this year, I have been back at work two weeks now and it has been very busy so far, the planning has been totally off as most of the staff are on leave now when things are busy so the few of us that are here are running around like chickens without heads. While I know in my head I must be very grateful that I have a job, the year lies ahead like a huge mountain that I have no ambition to climb. The depression monster came out to haunt me again and I have been in a rather dark place the last few days.

Having said that I have a lot to be grateful for and good things have been happening too. I got nine garden pots from a colleague who is changing his garden. I have always wanted to plant a container garden in my courtyard but didn’t really have the financial resources to go ahead, now I have the pots & can start planning my container garden. I am really looking forward to doing this. It is hard to grow flowers and herbs etc in the main garden as the hounds tend to mess up the smaller plants, in the courtyard they will be protected and the dogs cannot go there without me.

I am working on two blankets at this stage, one for the friend that stayed in my house and looked after my dogs when I went away in December and another one for my mother. Both are knee size blankets so don’t take long to do. I made almost all my own Christmas gifts this year and they were very well received. My sister in law actually cried when she opened her gift which was two hand crocheted sunburst cushion covers (cushions included). I am being encouraged to start selling my handmade items from all sides; it is one more thing I must work up to doing. Any extra income will only improve my life and make things a bit easier.

I have missed T he is coming home on Saturday finally; I am hoping that this will get me out of my rut and into full swing. I think maybe when I am back in mother mode and school starts again and one just has to deal with everything and do everything in a rush then I will get back into routine and the year will not seem so daunting to me. Having said that T starts High School next week and that is also stressing me out. He tends to be lazy at school and just cruises along, I need to push him harder and higher this year and it is a daunting task. I hope I am up to it!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010