Friday, February 27, 2009

Stock Take is finished.............phew

Being the Logistics Controller is not so nice when it is quarterley stock take, it's very tiring and I am bushed buggered and bent now. I have finished packing up the place, I can't move between the boxes and I am so "gatvol" of it all. I was looking forward to tomorrow being a total nightmare and a long long day. BUT as usual I am blessed with amazing friends and two of the guys from work are coming around with the truck and trailer after work so we can move at least half if not more of the stuff tonight already! How kewl is that? This week has been beyond hectic, I canned gym for the week and just worried about T's Geography Project packing and moving a few things each night in my car. I made some good head way but I was finished and asleep by about 8.30 every night and for me that is very unusual. I am mentally and physically tired and sitting here wishing we could go and start already and not wait until 4.30, my bosses are selfish b*stards wont give me two seconds off for this move. I eventually "demanded" Monday off so I wont be here Monday thank goodness. My brother is coming up from Hillcrest to help too, he can only leave there about 10. So we should be all but finished then except the dam fridge that has to stand up and needs and open bakkie to be transported in, so that will have to wait for bro. The week has been full of other stress too apart from work, the landlady hasn't put up the extra fence for the dogs yet, they will have to stay inside and in the courtyard for now,which is huge but paved.. UGH!!! My current agent is pushing me to finish early tomorrow because the new tenant wants to move in, stuff them I say!! Ive paid until end of the month they can go to hell! Anyway I dont need all that now so I am kinda not even letting it get to me! Hopefully the fence will be up soon and my bro will help me sort out house etc. I need to remember to lock up all my stationery today when I go home or when I come back on Tuesday it will all be gone! Nice people here very very nice!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am truely blessed.........

Hey hey it's Friday thank goodness..........what a week and getting worse with stock take and moving next weekend. My amazing friend A brought me a packet of goodies yesterday when we went to curves. Ham and cheese and bread and weekend sweeties and she gave me some money so I SLEPT last night for the first time this week. My bro also phoned me and said he is going to give me money today. I prayed all week while I couldn't sleep and they did these things without me asking them. It is a true blessing and I am very grateful to God and to both of them. AND to God for putting them in my lives. This is one of my oldest and dearest friends we have been friends for 28 years shjoe that's long!! My bro is amazing he helps me a lot and he is also one of my best friends!

I am also grateful to you momcat for teaching me about the meat porridge, I had a half kg of chicken livers in my freezer and two chicken thighs. I set about making the porridge adding mixed veggies and rice and made a HUGE pot of porridge for the girls and the kitty. It is enough food for ages and I have frozen some too. The dogs love it, the cat likes it too but a little less he he. It is a huge saving and I will be doing it often from now on thank you!! Told T that you said well done about his door dragon and he was impressed asked about your kids and you and where you live and if you like nature etc.

Huge job ahead this weekend to finish the packing and make sure all is ready for the great trek. I have been blessed again with the truck and trailer from work and the guys that are going to help me.

Sometimes it can overwhelm me how truly blessed I am and how all you wonderful people are in my life and how much you do for me and T. Somebody told me it is because I am a special person and I do the same, nice to hear. I loose sight of all this often and worry about the nasty people and the yucky stuff that happens, should practice focusing on all the good, and there is plenty. We going to have DSTV in our new house and for free. The landlady is leaving some of the curtains for me, she is putting up an extra fence so the dogs will be safe, what an awesome life it can be.

have a wonderful weekend.............

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Being "financially challenged" sucks!!

Actually being POOR sucks! I have been set back after the robbery. It is not a fortune but it was money ear marked for stationery and uniforms and an account etc. O well sh*t happens but now I am in dire straights where money is concerned and I have no idea how we going to make it until the 26th of Feb (payday). So when I stopped at P n P this morning I asked T if he would like some halls (he is still coughing) and he said no a chocolate AND a juice, I told him I can't afford to buy him that every day ( I did yesterday) and he has lunch and juice in his bag. he 'freaked" he went into silent tweener mode and he refused to speak to me all the way to school, I admit I wasn't too nice either I asked him if he would rather go and live with his father where he can get all he wants but they are made to sit on the kitchen stools to watch TV & other strange things & are treated some what like "pests".............he said NO and got out the car closed the door and marched off little face all angry and sulky. It used to upset me this behaviour now it makes me angry even if I did have the money I wouldn't indulge him every day. I am actually not even angry right now. we are very 'alike' and we fight like crazy T and I and I know it wont last but sometimes it makes me a little sad. We are very close being that it is just the two of us but some people don't understand our relationship and they probably frown on the way we talk to each other at times etc. I know my mother does. O well like I said sh*t happens. Back to the grindstone we go..........after gym today there is somebody coming to see our current place that meant a quick tidy up this morning and pick up the dog poo and make sure there are no 'strange' items of clothing lying around, ugh I hate this!!!

O and Momcat if you read this please tell me how you make meat porridge for the kitties. I am dying to know and try it for myself.........THANKS!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

T's door dragon.........

weekend, art and moving

It was a hectic weekend, we packed so many boxes all the cupboards are bare and now we living in a box infested place. A my friend, T and I used her fianc├ęs bakkie on Friday afternoon and moved a load to the new house. It was mostly boxes but also all sorts of small things we could carry and load. Gave me more space to pack more boxes and today I have two in my car and a curtain that I washed and want to see if it is going to fit on a certain window I have in mind. Somebody is coming on Wednesday after work to view my current place. I hate that but what to do hey?

T went to the ‘valentines” ball at school on Friday night and danced with a few girls and had a great time. I was proud of my son because I am a sort of recluse I like to stay home and read and do stuff alone. I have always thought it isn’t a good thing for a kid to have a mother like this, but he is fine and outgoing and he enjoyed it a lot. I went and have a drink with friends while he was away, had to fetch him at eight. So even I went out for a change. He then made this amazing dragon “door stopper” at art on Saturday afternoon. It is flat on the side that goes against the door and three-dimensional on the side facing the room. They cut the main body shape out of thick heavy wood and then he had a bag of off cuts to choose all the rest from. He didn’t cut any of the shapes out he just used what was there and this is the result. I think it’s gorgeous and had to persuade him that I want it in my entrance hall in the new house next to the front door. He eventually gave in and said I could do that………..YAY!! O well now our internet is a bit dodgy can't upload the photo's will try again tomorrow

Otherwise it is a total “blue” Monday at work been a hectic day and I can’t wait to go to gym (yip I went back on Wednesday am still going every day) and exercise and rest my mind. It is a great stress reliever and I don’t want to miss out on that. I am better now T still has a cough but he is also way better.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Think Im loosing it a tad...........

With T being sick, work being extra rough and hectic, moving and boxes and all I felt like sitting on the floor and bawling my eyes out last night. So much has happened in the last week to add to all this, one of my colleagues Dad passed away, another colleagues brother in law passed away another one's car was stolen, my friend was robbed of her cell phone. We have been short staffed because of all these dire circumstances. Plus I am sick, my child is sick and I have to pack and move and I can't keep my place clean and pack and be sick and nurse T......he he all just WAY too much. Then to top all this my gym "buddy" finishes work at four everyday and not 4.30 like I do, she sent an sms last night saying that she is going to gym earlier so she can be home at five. Well I have made a huge effort here, I get up at 5am and try to cook as much of that nights dinner as I can, I wash dishes pack boxes etc all before leaving for work. I have a child at home that needs me after work and he sacrifices that time for me to go to gym. When in actual fact if I think about it I could go in the morning before work and life would be normal, I always wake up early and have always exercised in the mornings. On the other hand after work it is quieter at gym which I like. But being the "paranoid" type I am feeling like I have been "rejected" & it is sore. I know I shouldn't feel this way and i shouldn't take it personally but I can't help it. Why do I feel like this?....................

Sunday, February 8, 2009

"You Are Unique"

I just got this via email, I don't know who wrote it but I think it's very kewl:

In the entire universe and in all time, you are the only you.
Never before and never again will there be another you.
You have talents and abilities that are uniquely yours.
No matter what you think of yourself there is someone who depends on you.
Your strength is the strength they rely on.
No matter what your circumstances and history your life makes a difference,
This world would not be the same without you.
Never again will your footsteps be repeated upon this earth.
Never again will your journey be made, so be proud of who you are and what you have achieved.
Stride boldly on your journey through life.
Leave a trail that others strive to follow.
Think no timid thoughts, take no timid steps,
This is your life and it will never be repeated so make the most of it.

I hate being a single mother when T is sick

I hate being a single mom when T is sick. It is the one time when it feels like I'm "not good enough" because I can't be in two places at one time and I have to come to work and leave this child sick at home. I feel so bad doing it and I feel so guilty because I can't stay with him and because we don't have a full time maid or plenty of money so he has to be alone. The caretaker is there and she will keep an eye on him but man it hurts. he really isn't well so at eight I must phone the doc for an appointment and then I am going to take him and get his medicine etc and bugger whatever anyone here at work has to say. To add to this I am sick too blgggggggggggg

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Work doesn't suck so bad today

My "maatjie" is here today so it's a good day. He had to come to the office (the one that lives and works in the next town) so I got to eat lunch with a friend and smoke with a friend and have somebody to talk too. Earlier we went for a smoke and I was standing in the corner of the garage with my head bent almost double looking at an interesting moth with nice colouring and he was just quietly standing looking at me, next I was looking at the sparrows that clean the grills on all the cars. They jump on the front and eat all the bugs off the vehicles. I was chatting about all these little creatures and my friend was just standing there looking at me like I am a nutter!! :-) Well.............I guess I am a tad strange at times hey!
I have two more boxes in my car today to off load at the house and hopefully I can get a few pictures today, was raining yesterday, then I can show everyone that has been bugging me, and those that haven't what it looks like.

Ok it's FRIDAY now, didn't go and offload boxes S (my friend) loaded a whole lot of boxes on his bakkie and took them home for me and we had two beers each and chatted. It really was a nice day and now I have plenty of boxes to pack this weekend. It was so awesome to have somebody to help me. So far T and I have done all the loading & off loading alone and yesterday I was "spoilt". Ah friends they the most amazing things! So I am going to go and offload after work today and then pack pack pack this weekend. Well on Saturday, Sunday is T's birthday he wants the new Need For Speed Undercover Nintendo DS game, I have ordered it from the CNA and they promised it will be there today, they better hope it is OR ELSE...............or else I am going to be in big trouble with a soon to be 12 year old :-). I bought a cake mix this morning to bake him a cake. Has to be chocolate it is T! His game is expensive so there is no party or anything just game and cake his choice, but to this homebody it's an awesome choice. Hope this is an great Friday and it goes F A S T!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Moving and the living is eeeeeeeeeeeasy

I really do believe now that the "house" is meant to be. The wonderful kind owner told me yesterday that I can move stuff in from NOW..........I can take some every frikken day if I want to and so now I know it is meant to be (yip I ALWAYS doubt anything) and it isn't going to be too bad because by month end I can have moved ALL the small stuff and have a clean empty place to leave behind. It will mean only the LARGE pieces of furniture & appliances need go on the 27th. I have five boxes in my car today, books books & books he he. The house is at the gym so when I go after work I drop the boxes no extra trip no sweat no problem. How awesome. T is going with me today to "inspect" his new home (only seen it from the outside). It also means as they are packed they are moved so I don't need to be tripping over boxes and finding space for them in my present place. All this makes me feel kind of spoilt & special it is a lovely feeling!!
Lets mention the "smoking" issue............well I haven't exactly stuck to my quit this time around. BUT having said that I am working on a plan and so far it is going well. By December last year I was UP to about 25 a day, go figure from not a single PUFF for ten months I went NUTS!! Well for January I decided that 20 a day is MORE than too many fags and I stuck to 20 never buying more than one box at a time and if I ran out tough had to wait til the next day. I suffered severe "panic" attacks this time when I tried to stop cold turkey so I have been cutting ONE smoke a day, I am on 17 today and tomorrow 16 etc. It's going OK like this and even if I do get "stuck" on say 10 for a few days and then go down at least I am working towards a goal and I am not getting all "uptight" in the process. So I am kind of proud of myself now.
As for my other addiction I haven't had a whiskey in two weeks. He he and I'm proud of that too!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Im doing Grade Six

T was tired yesterday and had a headache, he wasn't a happy child when I got home from gym. He is very independent and has gone through school so far pretty much on his own steam without too much involvement from me. We fight like crazy when we do school work together and it just makes things worse. But now he is a "senior" in junior school and things are a bit tougher. We had a chat and I read the information brochure for Grade 6 that his very strict teacher sent and decided that this year I am going to HAVE to get more involved. I told him this morning that "we" will do Grade 6 together and from now on when I get home from gym he needs to have all his books out and his diary ready so I can check what he has done, needs to do etc. Maybe I sound like a "slack" mother not having done all this before. His Grade five teacher was pretty laid back, and he told us in the beginning of the year they wouldn't get homework only if they didn't complete the class work and projects. Before that we lived in Centurion and he went to aftercare and they did his homework etc with him so yip it is my FIRST time. Going to need to keep myself focused on this and discipline both T and myself to stick to it. Wish me luck!!

"puppy" sitting & Moving

This weekend T and I "puppy" sat for a friend. They are Scottish Terriers the big one stayed at home we just visited him and fed him and the "baby" stayed over. I haven't had a puppy in a while forgot how busy they keep you and how much fun they are. T and I had a really good time looking after them and we got really spoilt with sweets and chocolates for doing so!!
We are MOVING, out of the complex and not to another complex or town house we are moving to a HOUSE. A big house this is so awesome and it is a miracle as it is going to cost the same but it is HUGE, and we have walls and alarms and a fire place and the animals & T are going to be over the moon. It has been coming a while now I have been looking as I am tired of complex life, I want my peace and privacy and our complex is very noisy. I was willing to settle for a town house with nobody "above" us but this is way better. It came out of the blue too. I saw it advertised and the lady who owns the house has given to me for a bargain.O and there are peach trees and a big new stove and a walled in courtyard for your washing etc, that is bigger than my current garden I might add. I am like a kid at Christmas even though the "thought" of moving makes me tired.
But the house is empty at the moment and I am going to be able to move some things in the last week in Feb and that helps because I need to move the fish and if I can do that FIRST then it will be so much easier.
We have quarterly stock take on the 27th OOPS that's primarily my "baby" even though officially my service manager is in charge of it. But hey I am a big girl now and I am sure that as tired as stock take makes me I will be so glad to move that I will be totally energised all over again come the next morning. Or that is the story I am telling my inner self!!