Thursday, February 5, 2009

Work doesn't suck so bad today

My "maatjie" is here today so it's a good day. He had to come to the office (the one that lives and works in the next town) so I got to eat lunch with a friend and smoke with a friend and have somebody to talk too. Earlier we went for a smoke and I was standing in the corner of the garage with my head bent almost double looking at an interesting moth with nice colouring and he was just quietly standing looking at me, next I was looking at the sparrows that clean the grills on all the cars. They jump on the front and eat all the bugs off the vehicles. I was chatting about all these little creatures and my friend was just standing there looking at me like I am a nutter!! :-) Well.............I guess I am a tad strange at times hey!
I have two more boxes in my car today to off load at the house and hopefully I can get a few pictures today, was raining yesterday, then I can show everyone that has been bugging me, and those that haven't what it looks like.

Ok it's FRIDAY now, didn't go and offload boxes S (my friend) loaded a whole lot of boxes on his bakkie and took them home for me and we had two beers each and chatted. It really was a nice day and now I have plenty of boxes to pack this weekend. It was so awesome to have somebody to help me. So far T and I have done all the loading & off loading alone and yesterday I was "spoilt". Ah friends they the most amazing things! So I am going to go and offload after work today and then pack pack pack this weekend. Well on Saturday, Sunday is T's birthday he wants the new Need For Speed Undercover Nintendo DS game, I have ordered it from the CNA and they promised it will be there today, they better hope it is OR ELSE...............or else I am going to be in big trouble with a soon to be 12 year old :-). I bought a cake mix this morning to bake him a cake. Has to be chocolate it is T! His game is expensive so there is no party or anything just game and cake his choice, but to this homebody it's an awesome choice. Hope this is an great Friday and it goes F A S T!!


angel said...

omw i SO wish i was there to help you pack and carry, and to bake cupcakes for trenton for his birthday... i am so excited for you with all thats going on and i miss you guys lots today!
i'll phone on sunday to wish T!!

lulu said...

Omw now I have "tears" in my eyes. Member you baked his eighth birthday cake for him?? Aw I so wanna cry now, miss you guys a lot too!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

momcat said...

You're not crazy - you just notice and take interest in the small things in life like moths and birds. Hope you and T have an awesome weekend together and wish your son a Happy Birthday from us. (This coming year he will be in his teenage year as a preteen and you will notice the difference).

lulu said...

Thanks I will wish him! I can see already trust me he he. He is 12 going on 45 at the moment. I got the game I got the game!! Thank goodness I got the game!! You have a wonderful weekend too!