Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Moving and the living is eeeeeeeeeeeasy

I really do believe now that the "house" is meant to be. The wonderful kind owner told me yesterday that I can move stuff in from NOW..........I can take some every frikken day if I want to and so now I know it is meant to be (yip I ALWAYS doubt anything) and it isn't going to be too bad because by month end I can have moved ALL the small stuff and have a clean empty place to leave behind. It will mean only the LARGE pieces of furniture & appliances need go on the 27th. I have five boxes in my car today, books books & books he he. The house is at the gym so when I go after work I drop the boxes no extra trip no sweat no problem. How awesome. T is going with me today to "inspect" his new home (only seen it from the outside). It also means as they are packed they are moved so I don't need to be tripping over boxes and finding space for them in my present place. All this makes me feel kind of spoilt & special it is a lovely feeling!!
Lets mention the "smoking" issue............well I haven't exactly stuck to my quit this time around. BUT having said that I am working on a plan and so far it is going well. By December last year I was UP to about 25 a day, go figure from not a single PUFF for ten months I went NUTS!! Well for January I decided that 20 a day is MORE than too many fags and I stuck to 20 never buying more than one box at a time and if I ran out tough had to wait til the next day. I suffered severe "panic" attacks this time when I tried to stop cold turkey so I have been cutting ONE smoke a day, I am on 17 today and tomorrow 16 etc. It's going OK like this and even if I do get "stuck" on say 10 for a few days and then go down at least I am working towards a goal and I am not getting all "uptight" in the process. So I am kind of proud of myself now.
As for my other addiction I haven't had a whiskey in two weeks. He he and I'm proud of that too!!


momcat said...

Well done on cutting back the smokes and cutting out the whiskey. Not only is it helping your health but your finances too and you are showing your son that mind over matter works and willpower wins the day. Great excitement with the new house and it certainly does help to move bit by bit and with the addition of your stuff to watch your new house become your home.

angel said...

how very cool that you don't have to rush everything in one weekend!
well done on the drinks and smokes... i wonder if linking a cigarette to a cellphone alarm will help- that if you don't hear the alarm that you want a cigarette?

lulu said...

Thanks guys I appreciate the support. I just went to the shops and saw and elderly man in his car with his oxygen and the tube to his nose, that there is from SMOKING it scared me enough for now, I don't feel like smoking. I know that will only work for a while, but my cutting one a day is good so far!!

I have TWO more boxes to offload tonight SEVEN done already YIPPEEEEE