Monday, February 16, 2009

weekend, art and moving

It was a hectic weekend, we packed so many boxes all the cupboards are bare and now we living in a box infested place. A my friend, T and I used her fianc├ęs bakkie on Friday afternoon and moved a load to the new house. It was mostly boxes but also all sorts of small things we could carry and load. Gave me more space to pack more boxes and today I have two in my car and a curtain that I washed and want to see if it is going to fit on a certain window I have in mind. Somebody is coming on Wednesday after work to view my current place. I hate that but what to do hey?

T went to the ‘valentines” ball at school on Friday night and danced with a few girls and had a great time. I was proud of my son because I am a sort of recluse I like to stay home and read and do stuff alone. I have always thought it isn’t a good thing for a kid to have a mother like this, but he is fine and outgoing and he enjoyed it a lot. I went and have a drink with friends while he was away, had to fetch him at eight. So even I went out for a change. He then made this amazing dragon “door stopper” at art on Saturday afternoon. It is flat on the side that goes against the door and three-dimensional on the side facing the room. They cut the main body shape out of thick heavy wood and then he had a bag of off cuts to choose all the rest from. He didn’t cut any of the shapes out he just used what was there and this is the result. I think it’s gorgeous and had to persuade him that I want it in my entrance hall in the new house next to the front door. He eventually gave in and said I could do that………..YAY!! O well now our internet is a bit dodgy can't upload the photo's will try again tomorrow

Otherwise it is a total “blue” Monday at work been a hectic day and I can’t wait to go to gym (yip I went back on Wednesday am still going every day) and exercise and rest my mind. It is a great stress reliever and I don’t want to miss out on that. I am better now T still has a cough but he is also way better.


momcat said...

Glad to hear you are much better and you are sounding positive too. My boys also drag me out mainly to The Pav (shopping centre) and I actually felt myself getting hysterical this weekend while we were there. I would rather be out in the garden enjoying the bird life with my animals around me.

angel said...

isn't it awesome to be able to move like that instead of trying to do it all in one weekend?

lulu said...

hey momcat I used to live in Hillcrest, T was born in Durban and I too used to go the The Pav, ugh I don't like shopping centres I also rather be in my garden or walking my dogs. I am in a WAY good mood and very positive since last week life is good right now:-)
O how do you make meat porridge for the cats?? Sounds like summit Thomas might like??

Angel I dont know so much when I moved back down here from Gauteng and HAD to take ALL in one shot it was kind of easier it just got done and klaar.....but yip this is kewl too and I am not killing myself or anything,