Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is it a curse? Is it a hex?

Yesterday I get home after fetching T from school and we have no power. I am not particularly worried as it does go off now and then obviously, when I got home after work we still had no power, so I go into the gym and ask the admin lady WTF? The neighbours all have electricity it’s only us? She tells me the municipality said it will be back on by 5.30 and she doesn’t know why it is off. What a lie that turned out to be after going all night with no power, having no supper, having a cold bath this morning and no coffee, and dragging all my meat to work with me so it wouldn’t defrost I called the municipality myself. Turns out the bill wasn’t paid, now I’m mad as a snake and call Madam Landlady. She apologized many times and said they only paid yesterday and it should be on soon. (She lives in the next town 100km away). Now IF the admin lady didn’t lie to me I would have prepared for a dark night and made arrangements for supper etc. But she did lie and I HATE that. There are tenants in the flat too and they also had to suffer through a dark cold night with no power. Mrs Admin leaves at 5 to her cosy house, supper and hot water etc and leaves us none the wiser jeez!! If she told me she made this mistake I wouldn’t have reported it to her boss, if she told the truth I would have made a plan about supper. After waiting for a while it was too dark to go out and get anything, given the trouble we have had there I wasn’t going to unlock the gate motor drive car out lock it again and repeat this when coming home to a pitch dark property.

Some people!

I was just reading Angel’s blog and I can sympathize with you my friend, I also want my little T-Bone back. This almost teenage version is very rude and moody. He screams at me and throws almost tantrums, which by the way he never did as a little boy. I too don’t like him very much right now and there are some days when I don’t even want to go home after work. I am tired of the attitude and the lip and the disrespect. One minute he is an angel loving and sweet next minute a devil, I don’t know if I am cut out for this either…………good luck to us all!


angel said...

Ag no man! Will she not let you pay it yourself?
Thanx for the sympathy...

lulu said...

I can't pay it because it is for the entire property gym, house and flat. That is why my rent includes lights and water. Pleasure I could kill T at times I too wonder if I'm normal he he

Rosemary said...

I hate lies, too.

Martha Basset said...

Oh dear it does feel a bit like one thing after another!
No power is not funny!
As for life with an almost teenager - I remember that all too well. It does pass......eventually!
Take it all one day at a time and dont let it get your

Spear The Almighty said...

We had 2 power outages last year in the area I live in Abu Dhabi. It happened in the summer. 50 Celsius so no air con. Plus we have a kid that was 7 months old that time.

We are so dependant on electricity it is amazing.