Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm so tired

It is financial year end, work is rough. Home is also way more busy now with new dog. T and Brutus play and rough house a lot, the little girls join in too and it means more to tidy more to clean and more to do. I am glad that all my 'kids' are happy and having a good time but boy I could do with a break. Luckily the grass isn't growing fast anymore so mowing has calmed down and I basically just need to do cleaning and washing, I enjoy cleaning my house, mowing my lawn etc. It normally doesn't bother me much but I really feel like a weekend off right now. I want to lie and read and watch TV and do nothing, or that is what it feels like but I can never just do nothing. I am always up to something and don't really relax very well. The best I can do is go to bed a bit early and read for hours.

I am just so tired right now, it has been a really busy week and it has flown past. I haven't done half the things I wanted to do at home and that is working on my mind.

I have some great photo's to put on my blog but they stole my USB cable (was in the dam handbag) so I cant download them yet and that is driving me crazy!

I went for a haircut last Saturday and had a long chat with the two girls there. We have all read "The Secret" and we are all having a hardish time right now. One of them said it is because we are focusing on the bad and negative and not the good and positive. It makes sense to me so I have been trying to figure out how to be grateful that they stole my handbag and that we were scared after they smashed the window.

I am grateful that it was material things & that we weren't harmed in anyway. I am grateful that when my little dogs went after them they didn't get harmed. I am grateful that it brought us Brutus who is a lovely dog and keeps T busy and happy for hours each day. Kid and dog spend hours playing, rough housing and outside. It is indeed a blessing because I no longer have a bored couch potato on my hands. It is a blessing because big dog loves the little dogs and plays with them too.It is a blessing because we are not scared anymore.

But despite all that it turned my life upside down and to date I haven't had much down time at all................the people in the flat got a dog that is in heat and I had to build a barrier over the precast wall between our gardens because THEIR dog kept jumping into our garden and upsetting my dogs. They are in their twenties leave the property most weekends on a Saturday morning and don't come home until Sunday evening, said dog is seven months old terrified of people and howls like crazy all weekend. I just know it is going to end up pregnant because it jumped over so many times and last Saturday morning jumped over ran into my house and peed on my bed ffs!! All this just has just added fuel to an already raging inferno. Since I built the barrier it has been a bit better because now I only have my own family to deal with. But it took T and I hours to erect it and I was so angry because my dogs didn't jump over once, so once again I was doing something that somebody else should have done.

I think it has just been a rough hectic patch and that is why I am so tired, I know I am strong and capable and responsible but can I get to be a bit irresponsible and take a break now please?


angel said...

Aw sweetie... hang in there. Keep looking for the good, okay!
And school holidays are nearly here again- maybe T can go to his grandparents for a bit and give youa break?

Martha Basset said...

It will get better. You have been through a rotten time and it does affect you - even though as you say nobody was hurt. You were still 'invaded' - your home is your space to feel safe in and somebody invaded that. I am not surprised you are feeling so tired. You will still be in shock.
It also sounds like you have some pretty irresponsible neighbours - even worse when they have a dog they leave for hours on end. I can never understand why people get dogs if they are to be left - it is also a worry they have not had the dog spayed.
It will be their fault - not yours - if the dog gets pregnant. Still it makes for more demands on you trying to keep your dogs away at a time when you do need to put your feet up!
Try and arrange something to give yourself a break - even if it is just for a couple of hours.
Take care xxx

lulu said...

Thank you thank you guys. I had a pretty nice weekend I did all my washing and cleaning on Saturday and yesterday T washed the car (must be why it's raining now). So I am feeling a bit better now got time to read and relax and sleep in the afternoon :-)

Rosemary said...

I know how you're feeling.... I'm just 20 years old and my life seems to be the life of a woman in her fourties... Be strong!