Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When the POLICE call you about your child!!!

He he it was last week I was at work but in the stores at the time and didn't answer my cell. THEN I got a voice message saying "This is Captain so and so from the police" .....OMG WTF? "your son is locked out of the house, you will find him at the complex" ...................... OK Mother panic overload WHY are the POLICE at my home?? WHY is T locked out? WHY ARE THE POLICE INVOLVED? WHAT DID HE DO???...............I raced home which takes a total of three minutes being as this is a small town and all that.................there I find T and his mate sitting outside the front door playing with the dogs through the security gate. Dogs locked in kids locked out.......They had gone outside to play basket ball and locked the padlock on the gate without taking the keys. He then went to the payphone and called the police as he had no money and his phone was inside. It was a very intelligent thing to do and I am proud of him for thinking of it.
BUT - I got a helluve fright at the time. I am grateful to the police for calling me and for a child that can look after himself................whats next????
The local newspaper thought it was a great "good news" story and came to interview T and put his story in today along with a colour picture. HEY it helps that the senior reporter is one of my friends and this is the second time he has made the papers!! It p*sses some of the locals off that this happens but HEY I have friends in HIGH places what can I say???


angel said...

oy... the things kids do eh?

lulu said...

yip what can I say?