Monday, November 24, 2008

The ROUND chair

The ‘round’ chair used to belong to my Grandmother, and then my uncle inherited it from her.

My uncle had two basset hounds and one of them and T used to compete for the ‘round’ chair & when he was very little they would curl up together on the ‘round’ chair and watch TV.

My uncle then gave the ‘round’ chair to T some years ago and it has been in our home ever since. My neighbor in Centurion used to love our ‘round’ chair and always sat in it when visiting.

My cat Thomas Heathcliffe loves the ‘round’ chair and he sometimes sleeps all night on it instead of in his basket or on our beds. He thinks the chair belongs to him.

My two sweet girls also think the ‘round’ chair is their private chair and they are often found curled up on it or sitting on it looking out of the front door as it is in the perfect position for doing so.

When my parents visit my father sits in the ‘round’ chair as he finds it comfortable to get in and out of.

All in all it is a rather grubby ‘round’ chair but it has so many memories and stories attached to it and as you can see from the pictures everyone is most comfortable in THEIR ‘round’ chair.

And the rightful owner Mister T, well he isn’t allowed to leave his school bag or anything on his ‘round’ chair INCASE somebody else wants a turn but he does get to sit in his chair at times as he has been doing for nearly ten years since he was a toddler!!

I have scrubbed it clean many times and oiled the wooden legs etc. But with all the traffic (the dogs jump onto the ‘round’ chair and then over the back of the couch, and use it as a step when going back the other way) and much use it doesn’t stay clean and fancy but of all the furniture in my home I think it is the most loved and valuable! Wouldn’t be home without THE ROUND CHAIR!!

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angel said...

aaaaawww... aren't they sweet!!?
i also think its an awesome chair... though you and i had some pretty groovy movie nights on your big couch thats now gone!