Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It's been ages since I wrote anything. My son is very creative and I found him the most amazing art teacher to develop this talent. She is studying art and doing a degree and she too is very talented. The have such a good time together that his lessons sometimes go on for two to two and half hours WAY longer than the normal hour. I have started staying there and visiting with her parents while T does his work, what lovely people. They made us waffles with strawberries and cream last Saturday for lunch...........we are getting SPOILT like crazy!!

The dragon shelf above was his second project in art class. He cut up a inner tube from a car tyre to make the scales and nailed them on and dry brushed them with bronze. He collects dragons and he has put four of his metal age dragons on this shelf.
The capsized ship and sea monster was his FIRST oil painting on canvas and he has since made a frame for this painting in one of his classes which has made it even more amazing, it isn't easy to paint in oils and he had to prepare the canvas himself.
I am so proud of this child and his talent and his hard work, he works very very hard at his art (not like school) and he does something creative each and every day it is his passion and I am happy that I have found the right teacher to develop this!!
I will be posting more of his art soon.


angel said...

i am SO impressed with his works lulu, truly!

lulu said...

thanks angel I am dum struck some days he is awesome!!