Monday, June 2, 2008

Teaspoons & Smiles

Obviously there are people I miss like crazy having moved away to another town. I Have Two special teaspoons, one was in a cup of coffee my previos neighbour brought me one morning when the electricity was off and she had made coffee on her gas ring. I liked it so much (just the right size for measuring nescafe) that she said I could keep it. The other was one my sister in law left at my place after a visit (she had brought it to feed their little daughter yogurt in the car).

Why are the special? Because every time I make tea or coffee and I use either of them I think of V & W and it makes me smile and feel closer to them. If I could have a wish granted today I would like ALL the special people in my life to give me one of their teaspoons so I could have tea or coffee with a different special friend every single day!!

So come on very body send me a teaspoon!! :-)

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