Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday is dragging

It's one of those horrible days busy but dragging, it is so hot and humid here today everyone is slow and tired and not in the mood, I have decided that now I must do some extra hard cleaning since T is away and I will have time. Boy I got up all motivated this morning and put the bathroom curtains in the bath to soak and went and bought tile cleaner. All for after work today, o my can't say as I am going to do anything except "vrot" in front of the TV and watch pre- recorded Dr Phil and Oprah and have a few whiskeys........LOL! Never mind weekend is coming up and then it will be easier with no work to interrupt my cleaning schedule :-p. Just thought if I did something small each day after work then I wont have so much to do over the weekend and holidays. I got new kitchen curtains from my uncle yesterday that have to be shortened, and hung up. I washed them already so that part is done. I also made new throws for my couches this weekend, wow I sound like I am really clever right now. Truth is I HATE sewing and the curtains are checks so I can sew along the straight line easy peasy. The material for the throws was cut to size by the kind shopkeeper and I just had to sew four hems along the raw sides. So no rocket science involved. Just feel like sprucing up a bit. When you have an 11 year old boy and animals you cannot live in a palace but you can try now and then for some small improvements. New throws are so comfortable feels like being in heaven they are a cotton type material but thicker than sheeting, it doesn't crease and it is cool and soft, I fell asleep on my couch on Saturday night was divine!! The animals are also loving them and T said he is going to miss his. So good choice and paid less for the material than I would have for ONE throw big enough for my couches. Was a big deal because I wanted to replace them last December already and didn't.

My drive yesterday to Estcourt and back was actually a lot of fun as I decided to enjoy it even if it was a bit too hot on the way back and I was alone. Everything between NN and NKR is so green and it isn't a freeway so you can only go 100, though most people don't and you get to enjoy the mountains and the farms and all the BABY animals! A lot of calves and foals and I even saw goat kids. Lots of birds including the Eastern Red Footed Kestrel that we last saw last summer at the dam. T even spotted a large snake but we didn't identify it bit far away. Then of course my treat is to get on the Freeway and cruise. We have no freeways here obviously and who would have thought you could miss it now and then? My car gets to have a good run and I get to go faster than 100 he he he. So all in all a good weekend T made my sis in law a fairy wind chime on Saturday in his last art class for 2008. The family had gifts for us too which I can't wait to open as they make such nice presents. My Xmas shopping nearly done which is a miracle but put it down to small town living and the slower pace of life. Bro hasn't got a gift yet but I know what he wants so I just have to pick it up. Then A my friend I was at school with, she and significant other are picking me up for supper out this week at a new restaurant that has opened here kewl huh? O and Mac Donald's opened here on Friday! Whoo hoo!!
Then I went to sleep for nine hours last night and as anyone who knows me will tell you I don't sleep well ever so it was amazing and I enjoyed it so much though I had planned to read........


angel said...

holy crap... 9 hours!?!? seriously!?
and as for the cleaning, have no fear- you've always been the perfectionist so i'm sure a little every day will be more than enough to keep you on top.

lulu said...

haha the tropical heat is getting to me I'm having Mavis on Saturday to do my windows and my WHOLE kitchen, she works for us at work!!

Yeah nine hours and not much since what to do ??? he hehe