Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thomas Heathcliffe

I am so sleepy from the meds and it is a true KZN day today hot as hell! My boss has also "stolen" my undercover parking the prat so my car going to be like an oven later on woe is me!! I shouldn't even be here with these tonsils but I failed to get a doc letter and I also have a lot of things to do before I go on leave. But concentrating is already a problem so early in the day so I doubt I will make it all day, yeah it is an excuse to leave early I've had enough for one year!

J is coming over at five to get the spare keys and remote so she can look after Thomas Heathcliffe while I am away. I feel sooooooo bad leaving him and taking the girls always but what can I do? I had to put him in kennels last year as I didn't know anyone to look out for him but this time he will be at home and J will come over every day so it should be better for him. He didn't fancy the kennels,but he was healthy as an ox when we went to collect him. He is a silent cat doesn't talk much but he didn't shut up that day. This plays so on my mind that I often cut my holidays short by a few days to come home to him. He is always so glad to see me than ignores me for two days my punishment for leaving him. People say cats are not like dogs needing affection attention etc. Well they so ARE they are just way more subtle about it and they want it on their terms. I have a "monster' cat but he is so so sweet. When I lived in the same building as Angel he used to go visiting with me and would visit Angel and sleep under her bed if I was away, before she got her boys that is. He is so large that when I make coffee and he decides he wants milk (about once a month) he stands up and touches my arm while I'm pouring the milk into my coffee. He never has milk on a regular basis as I'm sure you aware they don't need it but when he wants some then he asks. He is also way bigger than the girls and he is a great conversation piece. Loads of people are terrified of him and I (being a nasty cow) enjoy that immensely. He loves T and they play a lot, he isn't too keen on the girls because they used to chase him when we first got Shadow, but now he has decided to "take over" and she is scared of him. He smacks her often and for no reason to keep her on her toes. If she is in the kitchen he lies in the doorway and she can't come out. But they do all sleep together on my bed and sit together in the doorway looking out or on the same couch especially in winter and when T isn't around and they have to share their mom. Can't wait for my holiday but boy I'm going to miss my cat!!!

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angel said...

aaaw... i remember him visiting me when you were away, and how guilty i felt when i had to put him out at night when i eventually went to bed.
and when i looked after him for you i would go and feed him and pet him and when i wanted to walk away he'd grab my leg and bite me through my jeans as if he didn't want me to leave... and trust me- thomas grabbing your upper thigh is no small thing!