Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Stuff

It is amazing how my home is sparkling now after the spring cleaning. No more hand & finger prints on the doors and walls, he he but the ones on the ceiling are still there have to tackle them tomorrow........T at his best. But I know he wont be back long and it will all be the same again UGH!!!

T is having a great time his "other" granny and his aunt took him out on Saturday for lunch and bought him a remote controlled Ford Mustang, airtime and gave him pocket money.

Yesterday I wrapped up some more presents and i found the most amazing paper with loads of shiny balls on, I had two large presents to wrap and it really suits the boxes. I also found some hand made "straw" angels that I am using instead of bows to decorate the presents with.
I am off to the doctor in ten minutes I have ear ache a soar throat and a sore back wonder bloody full!!! Anyway least I get to go home early and tomorrow is a public holiday so only THREE more days at work for me!! I can't tell you how happy I am!!!!!


momcat said...

How the heck does he get fingerprints on the ceiling. Even my boys haven't achieved that - soggy toilet paper yes but not fingerprints. He must be like Spiderman or extremely hyper bouncing off the walls and ceiling. Get better soon and enjoy the hols!

angel said...

teehee... prints on the ceiling eh?

lulu said...

he he we have a VERY tall friend and he can touch the ceiling with his finger tips standing on the floor. Mister T was trying to so so too and he stood on the back of my couch and touched the ceiling several times with very dirty fingers. I didnt clean it yet maybe I should take a picture?? thanks momcat I am kinda feeling better throat still burning!!