Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This is why I dont like PEOPLE (except a few) and prefer animals!!!

Yesterday's post was about my darling monster cat Thomas Heathcliffe, well I was already feeling bad about leaving him alone for the holidays. I must of had a sixth sense. The girl that (offered herself I might add I never asked her) was meant to look after him was meant to be at my place at 5pm to fetch keys remotes and get instructions. She NEVER turned up she didn't even send a message. Well that was enough for me there is no way in hell I'm going to trust her now and leave Mister Thomas in her care. This morning I went to the caretaker, she has looked after him before and he visits her place during the day, she plays with him and he likes her. LUCKY day they aren't going away so she said she will look after him with pleasure and for the whole two weeks. Well there you have it life has a way of turning out for the best he will be much happier and she lives in the building and he knows her well and he can visit her if he is lonely!!. I feel way better now about leaving him and I can go and enjoy!

BUT just because it turned out better than expected doesn't mean I can excuse the behaviour of this other person and I am still pissed that people are so unreliable and I sent HER an sms just now to tell her thank you very much but I have made other arrangements. UGH people!!!!


momcat said...

Hey you stole my comment (about preferring animals to people) but I agree with you and its so annoying when people are unreliable and don't even let you know if they can't do something. But it is for the better. At least you know Thomas Heathcliffe will be looked after properly by a cat person. Enjoy your hols.

angel said...

ag no man lulu, what is it with people! if she didn't want to do it she could at least have let you know!
i'm glad he has a "live-in" caretaker now...

i have found the ideal solution for my furbabies! we found a service that "pet sits" for you (coff for R100/day coff coff) but it means my boys will be fed and looked after and fussed every day and i won't have to board them- which is more expensive anyway!