Sunday, December 7, 2008

KZN "zero tolerance" ......what does it mean?

Boy was I mad yesterday: my elderly uncle is not well and his legs are swollen hence he cannot walk and has to be helped, a fact that is annoying him terribley as he is very independant. It isn't a permanent situation but right now he cannot manage. My brother brought him along with the whole family to meet me to fetch T yesterday. We all had breakfast where we met up. When it was time to leave my Mom and bro where helping Oom to the car, but he couldn't manage. So bro asked me to come and hold his arm so he could move the van closer and reverse sideways so he could get in.

Along came the very people that are meant to "protect and serve", they wanted to park where bro was going to reverse too. Myself and bro asked them to hang on a bit so we could reverse van and pick up oom. WELL THE KZN TRAFFIC OFFICERS FROM THE ESTCOURT DISTRICT INDEED DO PRACTICE ZERO TOLERANCE. THE PERFORMANCE AND FACE PULLING AND IRRITATION was too much for me and bro. I took down the number plate and am planning to report these three "fine folk" to the traffic authorities. KZN 11753, I would like to say that you three are a fine example of total d*ck heads and when you are old and in need of assistance that is when it will come back to bight you!!! Or secretly that is what I am hoping for!!!

FFS there was plenty of parking IN THE SHADE on the otherside of where bro wanted to reverse too, TWO parking bays away but you found this a problem. I am also secretly glad bro SWORE at you hehehehehe, actually not secretly at all you got what you deserved, now to find the number to phone and report you!!!!