Friday, December 5, 2008


Whoo Hoo it's FRIDAY!! And I am counting down, nine days to go until I go on leave. It has been a really rough 2007/2008 for us and I am so glad it's time to chill, for three weeks nogal.

T had to go to school today for the first time in two weeks and only to fetch his report..........he passed he is off to Grade 6. I can't believe there are only two years of junior school left for us. T isn't a killer academic he is intelligent & he has an awesome general knowledge and knows a lot about subjects that interest him, but boy he doesn't "over do" the studying. He is comfortable and he passes but all the teachers every year say he could do better. Truth be told I hated school and I too didn't kill myself to study or anything so who am I to argue long as he passes and does his assignments etc.

Tomorrow is the last art lesson for the year, week before last T made an owl shelf for my mother who collect owls. It is similar to the dragon shelf he made himself, I have yet to take a photo. She is going to love it and he is very excited about giving it to her, we found a nice big box for it to fit into but we still have to wrap it. Last Saturday he made MY gift and then he and Talitha wrapped it in white felt and put green and purple ribbons around it, so I can't see what it is. This weekend he is making a fairy wind chime for my sister in law. This is an amazing family T's art teacher and her parents. They are very kind to us and always have coffee and goodies for us while we there (I was adopted by her parents and they entertain me while T has his lesson and I rarely go home and fetch him again). So we had some fun last week and bought them each a gift for Xmas. For Talitha we got lots of sweets and chocolates etc, she has a sweet tooth and she is gonna love that. For her mom some bath roses and for her Dad a box of chocolates. Ooops how do we address the parcels T? They call each other Momma and Pappa and Thalita calls them Mom and Dad and so what ARE their names?? Ok now we have to make a plan because we can't ask them and feel dum or give away our surprise. So Talitha is fine we put her name on, then I came up with a plan that gave T the giggles. They have 7 female dogs and Momma and Talitha so Pappa always says he is the ONLY man amongst the BITCHES, so I addressed his parcel to "The only man amongst the bitches"..............................and Momma's one just says lots of love L and T. Problem solved T thinks it's too funny and he can't wait to take them tomorrow when we go.

T is leaving on Sunday for his loooooooong holiday, my brother has borrowed his bosses caravelle so the whole family is going to meet me half way to fetch T. Our half way mark is near Estcourt and then they go back to Hillcrest and I come back to NN, for two weeks of being a single woman whoo hoo!!

Abigail has a problem with her leg, she is not putting it down when she walks, she was an abused dog and the vet's in gauteng said she had been kicked, she has always "skipped" on this back leg but always used it. She is fine, she plays with Shadow and eats etc but it isn't right. Took her to the vet on Tuesday and she is on anti inflammatory tabs for a week. If there is no change it is hospital for xrays etc. So far there is no change. My dilemma is this if she does have to go in then T is already away and Shadow can't stay alone at home she will go crazy without her sister. O my will have to stay off myself or bring madam to work, that will be fun. My energetic dachshund running around the building. Lucky I have my own large office near the stores so I can keep her in here with me. I sure hope poor Abby gets better without going to hospital she isn't going to like that at all. That and I am afraid the bill wont be a little one!!!

My parents are having the hardest time after loosing Mac and I know when we go home it will hit us harder too because he wont be there! I have tried not to think about it too much as it is still so raw and sad!! This year we wont have to sit and remove ALL the bangers out of the Xmas crackers.........we used to have Xmas NON crackers because Mac hated the bangs :-). Just another sad thought!!


angel said...

i also only have 9 days left!!!
enjoy your two weeks of singledom doll- you so know you deserve it!!

lulu said...

yeah fanks man I am going to spring clean too!!