Thursday, October 1, 2009

The week that was...........or almost YAY!!

It has been rather a quiet week at work as the schools are closed and a major chuck of our client base is government schools, so when they close we take a break. I had a terrible Monday I got so angry at my boss that I went home and bawled my eyes out, much to the dismay of my three dogs who all cuddled up to me and comforted me as much as they could. It was pure anger and frustration and it was like something "snapped" inside my head. A colleague who was also angry as she had been treated badly too came around and we had a few glasses of wine and commiserated with each other.

We soon cheered up and decided to start ourselves a "supper club", well if two women a BF and a kiddo can be called a club :-). We are going to cook a nice meal once a month, choosing different recipes each time and sharing ones with each other, this way we learn new recipes and we get to have fun doing it. We are very excited and our first "supper club" is next Friday! We all get on well and have a good time when we together so it is something to look forward to!

Tonight I am being treated to supper out by another friend that I have know since we were in high school together. Her other half has gone out of the country for ten days so it's girl time with T being away too. I am looking forward to it!!

Most of the week I have been helping two of our technicians write their online technical exams, it is my sharp eye and quick brain that helps, it is self paced learning with manuals to refer to, but has to be done within a time frame and you have to get 70 - 80% to pass depending on the test. I have amazed the guys already, yesterday a technician and I attempted what they all said was the most difficult test of all and we passed!! YAY for me!! My technical knowledge and IT knowledge has sky rocketed and I am actually very proud of ME!!

On Saturday night a friend and I are having a braai at my place and on Sunday I am doing my 360km round trip to fetch Mister T so he can go back to school on Monday.

A bonus and plus to my head "snapping" on Monday is I have decided to now treat work like a "job" for now, it isn't my "life" it is a "job", so I have been coming in at the proper starting time not half an hour earlier and I leave promptly when it is time to go, I used to work from early to late and go way more than the extra mile. Now I do what I can in the eight hours and what I can't I leave for the next day. I know it is easier this week because we are quiet, but after that who can tell? All I know is I am no longer prepared to work way harder than most and so much over time yet get treated like sh*t. I have returned my office keys as I am no longer prepared to wait for the truck if it is late etc. I am a single mother my priority is my child so now I am doing the right thing and putting him first. My work ethic's wont change I will work hard and use my knowledge and experience and they will have my total commitment between 8 and 430, that is where it will end. I have NEVER felt like this is or done this before I always give a lot to my career and job, but what happened was the final straw. This morning I even got time to clean my kitchen before work and if I can do a little housework every morning I can rest more on the weekends YAY!!


angel said...

Good for you!

Remember our shared dinner nights?

lulu said...

eah we did it too was so much fun hey? And oooo the scary movie nights??

momcat said...

Well done Lulu for putting things into perspective and putting work into its proper place in the priority list. Not a quiet week for me at work or at home. At home I have in fact had the cousin over for the greater part of the week with his Playstation and my house looks like a bomb hit it by the time I get home.

Brigitte said...

Yes, I have a "job" I don't come inearly or work late. Nobody says thank you and I don't get paid overtime either. So, no weekends for this Auditer.My family and my kiddos are my priority and they come first.
Your supper club sounds like fun!! Maybe I should start something like that...

lulu said...

Thanks guys.

Momcat.......hope you get to have a relaxing weekend! are so right I was putting wau too much of ME into this job. Start one you will enjoy it!!