Friday, October 2, 2009


As Momcat and Brigitte pointed out to me my priorities are starting to change and for the better! I have made good progress this week with my new resolve to give only so much to my job and way MORE to my life itself. I am way more relaxed having so much extra time at home (and those of you who know me well will know that is the place I'd rather be most in the world). I even managed to do half my house work already leaving way more gardening and relaxing time over for the weekend.

It hasn't stopped raining the entire week, the new plants I planted last Sunday are all looking great and my timing for that was excellent. I also tried growing a hydrangea from a slip for the first time ever, I am growing it in a pot of potting soil to give it a good head start, this little plant has taken off so, it has new leaves and shoots already and has doubled in size and that in two weeks. I am so proud of that one. My father brought me some baby clivias and ground covers when I took T last week and those are all happy as Larry after the rain. He is bringing me some more on Sunday when I got and fetch T so I am really filling my garden up now which is excellent. I love my garden and I spend a lot of time there, with my three dogs and the half grown boerboel from next door, the minute he sees me in the garden he peeks over the wall for his daily share of the "love". I have a bird bath and two feeders and we have recorded over 30 species in our garden alone. If I get up a bit late my pair of resident sparrows and the one solitary Cape Weaver shout at me until I get up and fill the feeders. Once they have got me out to do so the other birds all arrive, I spend a lot of early mornings drinking my coffee in the garden watching the birds.

Last night I went out to supper, BIG treat for a single mom, a good friend treated me, but we were disappointed as the food was awful. But the vodka was good and the company so it was a nice evening. I am tired today though and so glad it is weekend. I am only going to fetch T on Sunday so I am having my last day of freedom tomorrow and if the weather has cleared up it will be a gardening day for me as the grass and weeds have grown very well too in the last week.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Martha Basset said...

Get out in the garden with the camera!
Good luck with all your planting. I have two hydrangeas which did nothing for two years but flowered for the first time least year and again this.
They are worth the wait.
Have a great weekend.

lulu said...

yes mam!! hehe if the rain stops a bit i will take photo's this weekend!xxx

momcat said...

My dogs also love gardening with me except the youngest robust one, Pup, usually gets his front paws up on me looking for a pat and almost pushes me off the bank!

angel said...

I'm proud of you for making such a big change!
As for the birds- WOW! 30 species! Awesome!!

Brigitte said...

I am also So enjoying my garden. We are going to be "installing" a birbath and feeders soon. I have put out a large glass dish of water for the birds for now.

Glad you had a good weekend!