Monday, November 9, 2009

Long post

I worked hard this weekend I did a six and half hour stint on Saturday cleaning and mowing the lawn. I don't "spring" clean every weekend or I would never get time out, I sweep and dust and tidy, but once a month I really go all out and this last weekend was that weekend. It takes it's toll on my dodgy back but it is rewarding never the less and I always feel so good afterwards. I also took some advice that I heard about and went "shopping" in my own home. The decorator was mentioning in these hard times, dress up take your purse and walk around your own home. Picture your treasures and furniture in other locations swap lamps etc. Make changes with your own belongings and give a room a revamp at no cost. Wow what great advice I made some changes in my lounge and my bedroom and the TV lounge. It has made such a difference and I know I will do it again. I am always moving my furniture around that part is nothing new to me, but this time I went deeper into it and it was so much fun. I also think it was good therapy and as the saying goes a change is as good as a holiday.

The garden is coming on really nicely now, I don't know if I ever mentioned that the owners ripped everything out and left me with bare flower beds and only large trees and shrubs. I have been there 8 months now & things are starting to really take off after all the rain. I have flowers and ground covers and a gorgeous lavender bush that my parents bought me, my two baby hydrangeas are flowering, little blooms but flowers never the less, can't wait for them to open. The aggies are also flowering one popped it's bud this weekend.

Last weekend there was a spotted dikkop in my garden( see picture above), they are not common in gardens and it was so exciting. My garden bird list is up to 33 species now and I need to post it here soon. I feed the wild birds every day and many species come only to drink & bath in the bird bath. One of my favorite things is to watch a bird bathing it is so peaceful. My parents who are avid bird watchers and even did a University course on bird watching think it is very amusing that I am so "into" it now. I am not one to go out birding actually I get impatient etc, but bird watching in my own garden is awesome.


Martha and Bailey said...

Sounds like a very productive weekend!
Our mum is avoiding housework at the moment and hoping she will suddenly get the urge.....
Pity you are so far away - you sound full of energy!
Strange reading about your garden coming into the summer as we head into winter.
We are glad things are starting to grow and flower - it is always very satisfying.
You sound much more upbeat!!!

momcat said...

Great to have an upbeat post from you Lulu. If I had to have a shopping trip in my own house, it would be a very short one and I probably wouln't buy much! I do find that when I springclean it helps me feel a lot better about life. I feel like I have accomplished much.

angel said...

How awesome- 33 species!!! I love birwatching!