Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One more makes 34..............

The bokmakierie is very vocal around my area but I hadn't seen him until this morning. I was marching across the lawn to fill the bird bath and the dogs water and there he was under the trees next to my clivias. I came to a dead halt and just enjoyed him. it was a great sighting as he was so close and he stayed a while before flying off. This isn't my photo but one I got off the net, what an amazing start to the day!


Martha and Bailey said...

What an amazing looking bird - we wont even try to spell it's name!
We thought it was your 34th birthday!!
Martha & Bailey xxx

lulu said...

ha ha I WISH it was my 34th b day, will be 44 next b day!!


angel said...

How awesome! A gawjiss bird and a gawjiss singer!