Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vets are expensive................

So Mr Thomas came home with a sore eye on Friday afternoon. Eye's are very annoying and he was keeping it closed and the pupil was a tiny slit. Off we went to the vet on Saturday morning and R248.00 later he had injections and is on medication for a week. She said either he had a mild stroke or was hit on the head or something fell on him. Eish we had to keep him inside all weekend and he was very angry about that. We let him out yesterday during the day and spent the afternoon in the garden with him. He came in for his dinner and tablets about 6pm and then we locked him in again. Last night he was really angry and he smashed an ornament that T bought me for valentines day two years ago and he paced around until I got angry and shut him in the study. This morning he came out all friendly and then smacked me hard until I let him out into the garden, by the time we left for work it was raining so he came inside of his own accord and I know he will sleep now and keep warm. I am glad he is OK but I am ready to strangle him too :-)

After the vet we went to the nursery and bought seedlings, we planted Petunias and Pansies and I cant wait for them all to flower. The pansies are the only ones not flowering yet. It means we prepared a large bed and got rid of a whole lot more weeds. Yesterday afternoon my friend A came over with coffee cake that was divine and we sat in the garden until after dark chatting and watching the birds coming to the feeder and bath etc. Was a lekker afternoon and next Sunday we going to do the same in her garden.