Friday, April 17, 2009

Kitty Day Care

Mr Thomas Heathcliffe was right at home in our new house until about ten days ago, he now thinks he is very clever and goes back to our old place in the middle of the night and then fails to come home until I go there and open the car door. He gets in ever so interested and sits on the seat beside me and looks out the window. You would think he has been driving around in the car every day for his entire seven years. He looks out at the traffic and purrs and sits perfectly still like a VIP being driven around in style, he is too cute and even gets in the car now just to be driven into the garage when I get home some days. He is a tad annoyed cos now we lock him in at night so he can't go down there too often, he never goes in the day only at night & most nights we find him and lock him in, but now and then he gets away only to be found visiting our old neighbours. They all know him and all make a fuss of him (he was the only cat there) so he is ever so happy to go and visit. The best time to find him there is late afternoon or on my way home from work, so it feels like he is at day care, I fetch him on the way home :-) Silly billy is always soooooooooo happy to see us but he keeps going back. I have never moved so close before, it's a little less than a KM so he hasn't done this before. The people in the old complex are very sweet and they wont feed him or anything to encourage a longer stay & are always phoning me etc. I am just scared that they might get 'gatvol'.....................o well ads spice to life and I think he is rather clever. He has been home since Saturday last weekend but this morning he wasn't around so it's off to day care for me today!!

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angel said...

Thats so cute!!!