Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cutting Costs at Work

So we on a HUGE cost saving mission at work. We belong to a very large group and they take no prisoners. The two managers called me in today and said HO wants THREE names of people the branch can retrench by end of March. Ai what a nasty thing, I told them two names as they are reps that have never sold a thing since they have been here and that is a relatively easy decision, but number THREE? .............they agreed with my two names and kept pushing for a third, saying that it could be either of them etc. I didn't commit to a name, they asked me if I could do extra work seeing as how I do so much already told them nothing is impossible I guess everything can be worked around. I am feeling insecure I have worked for this company (with three years broken service) a total of 19 years and I was in Management most of that time. I do 150% and way exceed my job spec's etc, I still think like a Manager and do what is best for the company as a whole. I work very hard and I have a wealth of knowledge and experience. But they hasn't endeared me to my colleagues as I have previously stated and that makes me nervous. The Managers on the other hand appreciate my input etc so who is to say what will happen. I only know if I loose my job I am totally screwed I am the only bread winner and am going through a rough financial patch as it is. I actually don't need this crap right now but on the other hand trials and hardships make us stronger and build character. I honestly can think of a few pieces of "driftwood" that could be sent on their way but I don't trust these people enough to be that honest with them, learnt that the hard way since I have worked in this town. Theystick together like glue and through thick and thin. So I never did end up giving them a name and I wonder when they had one on ones with the other admin staff who's name they all gave? I can only hope that my experience and the fact that I can do most of the other's jobs and can multitask very well will save me from this. I have the most SAP (our operating system) experience at the branch and I help out EVERYONE at some time or other who knows what will happen? We have a meeting at 7.30 tomorrow morning and the whole branch HAS to be here. Good Luck to me!!


momcat said...

Don't worry Lulu. Management knows your worth. They might not show their appreciation in material ways but they know better than to get rid of an experienced workhorse. Its not going to help them get the job done if they keep someone who is not pulling their weight. It was wrong of them to get names from staff members but it could have been done to create a sense of unease and to rock the boat. In all likelihood they had already decided who to retrench.

Beth said...

Best of luck to you. Let us know how it turns out.

lulu said...

Momcat & Beth thank you so much!!