Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello Tuesday

I'm tired, really tired. All this strain at work is a killer & somebody special to me is being considered for retrenchment in PTA Branch, I am so sad for her. I phoned her yesterday she said "Turks" (my nickname is Turkey but only to 2 very special people "La lee" & "Sheep"........ha ha) "Turks I don't know what the fuck to say"................"I HATE not being in control I wish it was over either way". La lee (also a nickname) I'm really sorry this is happening to you, you are on my mind ALL the time in a way I wish I was still there to take you out at lunch time and buy you chocolate like I did when you were pregnant, or have a black label with you like we did when you weren't :-)............I'm sitting here wanting to CRY for you. Everything happens for a purpose girl and I know you are going to go on to bigger & way better things but I know how this feels been there, it ain't nice!! As for our branch; the manager is away until tomorrow so we are also "up in the air" and don't know anymore than we did last week. I'm not scared for me I am sad for the ones that have to go. It is scary that there are so many and we are a HUGE corporation what about the smaller ones? I know it makes business sense to "trim the fat" but personally it sucks!!


momcat said...

Lulu - sorry you and your colleagues are going through this mess at work. Its times like these though that you and your friends need to get tough and us South Africans are tough. We have been to hell and back with our economy. I have been retrenched and I have been 'fired' and once you face those demons you realise that it didnt kill you. You are still the same person. The peeps that think they might be retrenched must empower themselves by starting to look around and applying for jobs. Put out their cv's at all the local agencies. By the time I was retrenched years ago I already had another job. I literally was off work for 1 day and the weekend and then started work again. If you believe in yourself then nobody's opinion can affect you. Its just a challenge to be got through. Best wishes.

angel said...

I'm so sorry Lulu, but I am so glad for you. For a change you haven't got the short end of the stick!

lulu said...

Thanks guys. I too was only off work for a very short time when I got retrenched the first time. The second time it was about two weeks. My friend is really positive she is awesome. I am just sad for her hey!

Angel this company has thank goodness looked after me always hey, was only when I went off and tried new crap that I got into trouble. Lets hope it stay that way!