Friday, September 18, 2009

12 - stolen from Angel (thanks mate)

1. want: it to be next Friday for various reasons

2. need: to leave the past behind

3. thankful for: my home my family and my friends old and new

4. thinking: I shouldn’t let people hurt or upset me but I keep allowing it???

5. quote: “if you want something you have never had you need to do something you have never done” – Dr Phil

6. watching: my pc screen?

7. lacking: MONEY glory it’s been a long month

8. listening: the rain at last it is raining been awfully hot and humid lately

9. responding: to my colleagues that are making a potjie for lunch, sounds good to me

10. planning: my weekend

11. am: really tired, have taken on extra responsibilities at work and I am so busy it is scary

12. not: emailing my boss my thoughts on some changes being made that he asked me about yesterday OOPS!


Martha Basset said...

Such a reflective post! As to point 4 we are glad you have not hardened your heart to people but yes they do sometimes hurt you! Still it is what makes you a warm human being.
Out of the 12 it sounded pretty positive to us.
Thank you so much for the kind comment you left on our blog today - made for a good start to our day.
Martha, Bailey & Mum xxxx

lulu said...

thank you! It was meant from the heart you give me such positive and wise feedback and I appreciate it so so much! Plus those two girls are just so gorgeous!!

angel said...

I like it! You put a lot of thought into it!