Thursday, May 21, 2009

It just doesn't stop................

Wednesday evening 20H10 (I glanced at the VCR's clock when it happened) we were watching TV in the lounge and heard a bang and glass shattering. Glory not again? It was my bedroom window and this time I really got the shakes. I phoned the police while standing there looking at the window (it is the small one at the top the "shutter" type) they obviously didn't like me closing it now, so thought they would smash it and stick the branch through. Well they slipped up didn't they? Besides I don't leave anything anywhere near this window anymore so WTF for?? The police were there within 10 minutes and we took a walk around with them. They promised to be in the area up and down all night and they were I saw them several times. It is apparently a "hot spot" area right now. It wasn't a great evening, I had a few glasses of wine, we moved into the TV lounge that has three doors all with security gates on and slept there. I slept very well but I felt like crap all day yesterday, landlady made me contact the glass companies, they fixed the window, she paid. The police said I must leave the dogs outside, they too little they get very protective and are wide awake but they are too small.

Landlady has to come up with some extra security now, the people in the flat and T and I are scared now. She should have done it last time. Some people say O you must move, no frikken ways!!!!! I like my house I just moved I'm NOT going to let these f*ckers chase me away! I might be getting a Boerboel this weekend his owners don't want him anymore he is three. Or I am going to the SPCA to look for a big dog. Landlady is going to have alarm split so that the flat and house have separate controls so we can arm the dam thing, she is dragging her feet she is annoying me, BUT I am NOT going to move out. There is a lady that wants to join the gym that does landscaping she is willing to plant twenty 2m high fever trees with dreadful thorns on around the place where they are getting in, she wants three months free gym is all. So the ladies are working on landlady today!

So yes I am nervous and tired and angry and fed up! But I am NOT being chased away!! Besides I'm kind of excited about the dog (he he typical), and why shouldn't I have a house?


momcat said...

Lulu sorry about these incidents which are destroying your peace. Getting a bigger outside dog should solve the problem as a barking dog running up and down is going to prevent these pests even entering the yard.

Martha Basset said...

I am really sorry to read this post. I cannot believe that you are unable to live your life in peace and safety. I guess anything that helps you to feel safer would be a good thing.
I wish I had the answer but of course I dont. I know you have the right to live in your house and why should you leave. I agree with all of that but it is so stressful to have to live life like this.
I really hope you can get things sorted so you feel safer.
best wishes
Martha & Bailey's mum xx

Brigitte said...

BEEG DOG - good idea. (she says nodding gravely...)
Hope the security beef up helps!!

lulu said...

thanks guys! Shame he is a formally abused boerboel that was beaten when he was very young. A rescue dog, he lives with people now that have small dogs and kids. He need love and attention and a new home so we helping each other!!
He is coming on Sunday Im too excited!! wish me luck!

angel said...

Aw fuckity Lulu- I would be terrified and pissed off too! Good on you for keeping at your landlady till she does something! Can't wait to hear more about the big dog!