Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I was robbed AGAIN............

I’m sitting here at work in a semi state of shock. I was robbed AGAIN last night. This time they pushed a long branch through my bedroom window and stole my handbag by hooking it with the branch. We were watching TV at the time the window was closed by latched not locked. The curtains were closed we were at home where you meant to be safe. The dogs went crazy T ran to the bedroom and saw somebody run away; it was too dark to see who or anything. Then he saw the branch thrown on the lawn. Had to cancel all my cards, phone the police and wait for them. My friend came around she drove around the streets to see if they didn’t dump it somewhere. She took us to the police station to get an affidavit because now I don’t have a driver’s license. She gave me money because everything was in my handbag. T finally got to bed at 11.30. I was awake until 2am; I needed a rescue pill they were in my handbag. I had to sit at home affairs for two hours this morning to get a temp ID certificate and apply for another ID book. I had to go to the bank with said temp ID to get a new debit card. I am so tired; I am scared I am fed up. Why can’t people just leave other people’s things alone? Why is this country so riddled with crime? Why did this happen to me again so soon?

On the bright side we fine, my cell phone wasn’t in my bag; I don’t keep any of the keys in my bag. I have been and sorted out all except my driver’s license I have cancelled all my cards. I will get my credit cards back in a week, I have a new debit card. But man I can’t focus on the positive right now. This happen at 18H15, not late at night or in the early hours of the morning at 18H15 ffs!! We have to go back to that house tonight we have to sleep there, we are all alone & tired and scared and generally pissed off!!!


angel said...

Ag no man Lulu! Man that makes me so the moer in for you!!!

Martha Basset said...

We just came over to say Hi and read your post!
How awful! We were broken into some years ago whilst we were all asleep and my handbag was taken with credit cards etc. It is such a nuisance and so very stressful.
Sorry this happened to you - it takes quite some time to get over too. You will be checking all your windows and doors now!
Funnily enough I still take my handbag to bed which my family think is strange but I expect you will understand completely.
Take care of yourselves.
Nice to meet you
Martha & Bailey (their mum too of course!) xxx

lulu said...

Thank Angel!

Martha Basset you and Bailey (and mom too) are wonderful! I understand totally last night I kept on carrying my handbag around the house not knowing what to do with it not wanting it out of my sight! Nice to meet you too!xxxxx

momcat said...

So sorry Lulu. We've all been victims of petty crime. Not so petty to you but its just some unemployed person looking for easy pickings. Just glad you and T are all right. Hang in there!

angel said...

Hhhmmm, maybe you should stash your bag in a cupboard when you get home, so its out of everyone's sight and out of reach?
Ag man, its so frustrating that nothing is sacred!

lulu said...

yeah I know i am so angry at myself for leaving it in my bedroom but hey who would have thought it wasn't safe dammit!! I don't let it out of my sight right now but I do keep it in the cupboard usually ag well what to do!!

Beth said...

Oh Lulu! I am so sorry to read this. This is terrible and such a violation. It is awful that you can't feel secure in your own home.

lulu said...

Thank you Beth it does feel kind of "dirty" a handbag and a bedroom for that matter are very private things. But I am feeling better now and my landlady has said they are going to put razor wire up on top of the walls so it will make it feel safer, I just never thought my handbag wouldnt be safe in my own bedroom & keep blaming myself for leaving it there!!