Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Work sucks!!

We all get turns here. It is a horrible place to work for the atmosphere sucks big time and there is always drama, bad vibes and bullshit! Today it is one of my friends; he is the colleague that organized Brutus for me. He was so angry at the way he was treated and threatened that he was pail and shaking. I haven’t seen somebody this angry in a very long time. I feel so bad for him and I know exactly how he feels.

This kind of thing happens all the time here, certain staff members get away with murder and others are picked on. Last week the technical supervisor was taken to task and the problem is that the people doing it all are the ones in positions of “power” but they don’t have all the facts and they just go off at the deep end and upset everyone for nothing.

Bad planning bad leadership and unfair treatment what a load of fucking bullshit this is! I try not to swear on my blog (don’t know why really) but FUCK I am so angry and really tired of it all. I find it childish and unnecessary and I think that this branch is going to start doing really badly soon if this carries on. I don’t know anyone that is happy here (o maybe a few but they are not the majority).

As I said I have “new” things for myself this year, so far I have tried very hard to distance myself from all the drama but they sometimes make it personal. This time I have stood up for my colleague and I guess I am going to “get it” for that too.

Just another shit day in Africa hey!!


Martha and Bailey said...

Yes Lulu - as you say there is shit everywhere!
Try to distance yourself from it as a means of survival!
It is hard.........

Spear The Almighty said...

It is just as bad here...