Thursday, January 14, 2010

Loads of time to think....................

T was away for three and a half weeks, that is a long time! I had plenty of time to think, about my life about my career (that isn't one anymore) and a lot of other things. I didn't go and join my family this Christmas, I stayed and looked after my dogs and house and did all sorts of things that you don't get a chance to do during the working year. It was lonely at times, but I needed this time and I have come out the other side wiser and happier and with some good future plans. I had a lot of rotten things happen to me in the last two years, and I guess in a way I was attracting some of this by sinking into despair and loosing "myself" along the way. I don't necessarily believe that a new year means a new start, but I know I feel new. Though having said that it started before 31.12.2009.

T has come back a little "new" too, I think it was hard for him to have Christmas without me he said it wasn't as exciting shame, he has been way more helpful and also seems to have matured a lot. He didn't want to go back to school but has enjoyed it so far and has been very positive!

No resolutions just goals and plans and my motto for 2010: "Every day in ever way things gets better and better"..................I affirm and visualize the things I want and I say this over and over. I am back on track and I am using my mind and attracting good things instead of bad.


momcat said...

All the best with your goals and plans. I am sure they will come to fruition. That was a bold move to not spend the festive season with your family. I am glad that being on your own achieved the sense of purpose that you need for this year. Glad to hear from you.

angel said...

Oh how wonderful for you an T! It was very brave of you to spend it without your boy... I dunno if I could do that.

Martha and Bailey said...

Sometimes it is good to have the space to reflect and think about our lfe.
Having said that I am sure Xmas was hard!
Nice to hear you sounding positive.
The only thing I would say is that you don't attract bad things - sometimes they just happen.
To all of us - what is the saying about 'into every life some rain must fall'
Sounds like you have come out the other end stronger - have a great New Year.

lulu said...

It was bold and brave but not entirely a choice I could make, couldn't leave the house and animals alone and the only chap that I could ask to stay there suddenly went away himself, but as it turns out it was the BEST thing for me!

Anonymous said...
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