Friday, January 21, 2011

High School.........

Last week was initiation week, the first day of school they made them wear their uniforms inside out and sing into the dustbins. Second day they had to dress up as "babies" as they are the brand new baby Falcons (The sports teams are called Falcons) and their mascot is a Falcon. The Friday they had to cross dress, I was not allowed to take a photo of mister in his short black skirt and pink ladies top:-(. Friday afternoon they had "boeresports" which consisted of food fights and the baby falcons being smeared with yoghurt and flour and whatever else the prefects had collected. They really enjoyed that as they could "fight" back with the Grade 12's. Friday night they slept at school, only they didn't sleep if they closed their eyes they got shaving cream and toothpaste on their faces. It was all done in good spirits and fun and was controlled. They enjoyed it. Saturday 6am initiation was officially over. From this Monday it was uniforms and school as usual.

T is surprising me, he really likes his new school he is working hard at his homework and making sure he finishes it all and has all he needs for the next day at school. He says school is much better now everyone is way more mature and there is no pettiness or nasty remarks etc. I think they are at that age now where they had outgrown primary school. What a blessing, it is early days yet but a positive start is always a good thing. FYI he looks so smart in his uniform!

I am a little out of sink going in the opposite direction than I used to in the mornings and now finding I have to change shopping centres because the one close the school is on the way. I like to do my groceries etc before work as the supermarkets open at 7am, I don't like the supermarket in this shopping centre the staff are not friendly and they don't know me etc. I have taken to going to "MY" shopping centre after work, this isnt ideal. I am a person who HATES shopping and especially when it is busy. Strange things humans?

I am almost finished my curent blanket which is a gift for the girl that looked after my house and dogs in December. Here is a picture which was taken a while ago has grown since then ok there isn't an image blogger not working properly.

We have had 194ml of rain in January so far, that is a lot of rain, my garden looks amazing, but I feel a bit guilty loving the rian like I do as so many people have suffered and lost thier homes etc.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and restful weekend!


Angel said...

I am also thoroughly enjoying the rain!
I am so glad for you both that T is happy at school, I hope it continues to go so well.

Momcat said...

Its great that T has 'survived' initiation week and is enjoying the whole school experience so much. I think if Brad had had that experience he wouldnt even have gone back to school the next week. After almost four months in Jhb, Brad is getting excellent marks and has grown up so much not being around mom all the time. I miss him but I know this is for the best for him.

lulu said...

I can't even imagine how much you must miss Brad, I'm so pleased he is doing so well!

Spear The Almighty said...

Just shows you how weird the wolrd is. here in the UAE cross dressing is against the law. You go to jail for that!